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ARCHICAD 23 - Beginner and Intermediate Level


ARCHICAD 23 – Beginner and Intermediate Level is an engineering and architectural software training course published by Udemy Academy. ArchiCAD is one of the most famous architectural and 2D and 3D building software that uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. BIM is based on 3D modeling of various building information and can create digital maps and plans of various parts of the building fully automatically and with high accuracy and provide various data visually and functionally to the supervising engineer. Show the construction team and other stakeholders. The contents and lessons of this training course are divided into 10 separate sections, and in each section you will complete a part of a residential building project.

Among the most important topics covered in this training course are the basic concepts and principles of the BIM model, working with DWG reference drawings For modeling land features and structural modeling, publishing final maps in PDF format and DWG, rendering and 3D modeling of the project and… mentioned.

What you will learn in ARCHICAD 23 – Beginner and Intermediate Level course:

  • Various features and tools of Archicode software version 23
  • Design process and final release of architectural projects
  • Making technical drawings for Floor plans, facades, etc.
  • Design and rendering of 3D models with very high detail
  • User interface and various features of Archicode software
  • Designing and drawing the information of different parts of the building such as library, bathroom, kitchen, etc.
  • Interior design of the building
  • Documenting, rendering and making the final 3D model

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: AGA – Alexandre Gonçalves
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 37
Training duration: 12 hours and 29 minutes

Course topics in 2021/12

ARCHICAD 23 course prerequisites – Beginner and Intermediate Level

Basic architecture knowledge and architectural design skills.

To have Archicad 23 INT (International Version) installed on your computer to execute the project and course teachings.

A computer with at least 4GB RAM, MacOS or Windows operating system.

Course images

ARCHICAD 23 - Beginner and Intermediate Level

Introduction video of ARCHICAD 23 course – Beginner and Intermediate Level

Installation guide

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