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Arduino Based Solar Tracker


Arduino Based Solar Tracker course. Are you interested in electronics, programming and renewable energy? In this course, you will learn how to build your own solar tracking system using the Arduino platform. From circuit design to coding, this course covers all the basics you need to know to build a working solar tracker. Goals:

  • Learn about solar trackers and their importance
  • Circuit design and assembly using electronic components
  • Write code for the project using the Arduino programming language
  • Practical demonstration of how to assemble the circuit and program the Arduino board
  • Test and debug the project

Why should you take this course?

  1. Hands-on experience: This course gives students hands-on experience building a solar tracker from scratch, allowing them to apply the concepts and theories they learn in a practical setting.
  2. Understanding Renewable Energy: By building a solar tracker, students will gain a deeper understanding of the principles of renewable energy and how it can be used for practical applications.
  3. Development of technical skills: This course helps students develop a range of technical skills, including circuit design, coding and troubleshooting, which are valuable in many areas of engineering and technology.
  4. Exposure to new technologies: Students will be exposed to advanced technologies, including the Arduino platform and solar tracking systems, and learn how they can be used to solve real-world problems.
  5. Career Opportunities: Upon completion of the course, students will have a portfolio of projects that demonstrate their skills and experience in electronics, programming, and renewable energy, which can help them pursue careers in these fields.

What you will learn in the Arduino Based Solar Tracker course

  • The basic concepts of solar tracking and its importance in using maximum solar energy will be discussed.

  • Students will learn the basic requirements in the course

  • Students will be familiar with the software required for the project and how it works with the circuit and code.

  • Students learn how to code a project using the Arduino programming language. They will learn about coding concepts like functions, variables

  • Students will learn how to put all the concepts and skills learned into practice by assembling and programming a solar tracker.

  • They will also learn how to test and troubleshoot the project

This course is suitable for people who

  • Hobbyists and Makers: This course can be suitable for those who enjoy DIY projects and learning about new technologies.
  • Engineering and Technology Students: Students studying engineering or technology can benefit from learning about solar trackers and how to build them using the Arduino platform.
  • Renewable Energy Professionals: This course can be valuable for professionals in the renewable energy industry who want to learn about solar trackers and how to integrate them into their projects.
  • Anyone interested in learning: This course is also suitable for anyone interested in learning about electronics, programming and renewable energy, regardless of background or experience level.

Arduino Based Solar Tracker Course Specifications

Course headings

Arduino Based Solar Tracker course prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of electronics: Students should have a basic understanding of electronic components and circuits, such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors.
  • Basic knowledge of programming: Students should have a basic understanding of programming concepts, such as variables, loops, and functions. Familiarity with the C programming language is helpful, but not required.
  • Familiarity with the Arduino platform: Students should have a basic understanding of the Arduino platform and its development environment.
  • helpful if students have a background in engineering or technology, as these skills will be useful when working on the project.
  • However, these prerequisites are not strictly required, and students with an interest in electronics, programming, and renewable energy should be able to follow the course and complete the project.

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Arduino Based Solar Tracker

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