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Bim 4D Simulation Using Synchro 4D Pro


Bim 4D Simulation Using Synchro 4D Pro is a training course on making 4D models with Synchro 4D Pro software, published by Yodemy Online Academy. In this training course, you will learn about the planning of construction projects. You will learn how to create schedules, allocate resources, and link activities to their respective project elements. By the end of the course, you will be a skilled 4D expert and proficient in using Synchro 4D Pro software for all your planning needs. Planning is a vital aspect of any construction project. By planning, you will be sure that the project will be completed on time and within the budget.

This training course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to plan and implement successful construction projects. Synchro 4D Pro software is a 4D construction scheduling and project management software. In this training course, you will get to know this software well and you will be able to use it for planning construction projects. This training course is recommended for beginner planning engineers, BIM engineers, project coordinators and construction project managers.

What you will learn in the Bim 4D Simulation Using Synchro 4D Pro training course:

  • Create construction project plans using Synchro 4d Pro
  • Identify and create project resource
  • Create a simulation of construction projects
  • Present project progress and compare project status between planned and actual
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Mahmoud Farouk Abouzeid
Arabic language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 34
Training duration: 8 hours and 44 minutes

Course headings

Course prerequisites

Basic knowledge of planning for construction projects

Course images

Bim 4D Simulation Using Synchro 4D Pro

Bim 4D Simulation Using Synchro 4D Pro course introduction video

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