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C++ From Beginner to Expert


C++: From Beginner to Expert is one of the C++ language training courses that introduces you from the basics of this language to its professional parts. In this 12-hour training, C++ language theory topics are presented along with many examples and exercises. During the course, many small programs are presented to better understand the concepts.

This training is for beginners; People who have no initial familiarity with the world Programming do not have In whatever situation you are in, after going through the educational topics of this course, you will know that learning programming is not that difficult. From the point of view of the instructor of this course, all people, including yourself, are capable of developing and building software if they learn correctly.

Among the C++ training courses in Udemy, this course has had a lot of demand, so that more than 45 thousand people have purchased it. The instructor of the course is so confident in his teaching method that anyone who expresses dissatisfaction within 30 days will be fully refunded. This shows the valuable content of this course.

The content of the C++ training course: From Beginner to Expert

  • Conceptual and detailed examination of language syntax and structure
  • Familiarity with variables and their types
  • Understanding mathematical, bitwise, logical, etc. operators
  • Complete familiarity with one-dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays
  • Getting to know the types of rings
  • Teaching pointers
  • Method of using reference
  • Training class and function template and dynamic collections
  • Use exceptions to handle errors
  • Learning to work with compiler and IDE
  • Understanding the concept and use of namespace
  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts
  • And …

Specifications of the C++ training course: From Beginner to Expert

  • Publisher: Yudmi
  • Lecturer: Arkadiusz Włodarczyk
  • English language
  • period of time: 17 hours and 22 minutes
  • Number of courses: 95

Headlines of the course on 2024-2

Required conditions

English language
Code::Blocks IDE (free)


C++_ From Beginner to Expert

Introduction video

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English subtitle

Quality: 1080p


The version of 2021/8 compared to 2018/6 has increased the number of 27 lessons and the duration of 2 hours and 25 minutes. Also, the course quality has been increased from 720p to 1080p.

The version of 2022/12 compared to 2021/8 has reduced the number of 1 lesson and the duration of 1 minute.

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