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Cisco ASA Firewall Training


Cisco ASA Firewall Training is a training course for installing, configuring and troubleshooting Cisco ASA firewalls, published by Udemy Academy. This training course includes almost all the topics related to Cisco ASA firewalls, such as the description of the general function and capabilities of the firewall, primary and secondary installation and configuration, troubleshooting, error management and failover, and provides a complete and comprehensive training set. Forms. Installing, configuring, and managing Cisco firewalls is a basic and very important skill for network administrators that people active in the network industry and providing cloud services must have relative mastery in this area. In any official organization or private company, information and network security is the first priority, and it is in the shadow of security that other sectors flourish and can continue their continuous and productive activities.

Security is a very general concept and includes more specific concepts such as physical security, network security and information security. As a network engineer, your area of ​​expertise will be network and server security, and you will work in this area. Various companies are active in the field of designing and developing software and hardware security solutions, among the most important of which are Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint, Cisco Systems, Juniper. Networks (Juniper) and… mentioned. Among these companies, Cisco’s products and solutions, especially the ASA series, are unrivaled and have their own fans and customers all over the world.

What you will learn in the Cisco ASA Firewall Training course:

  • Configure IP addresses
  • Different levels of security and NameIf
  • Internet Message Control Protocol (ICMP)
  • Configure static and fixed routes
  • Basic commands of routers and switches in Packet Tracer
  • Enabling Telnet on a Cisco switch
  • Enable SSH on Cisco routers and switches
  • Interface ACL and Global ACL
  • Enable Standby Failover
  • Transparent mode
  • How to configure multiple bridges in Cisco
  • First choose the shortest path or OSPF
  • Advanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
  • NAT types and NAT and PAT setup training

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Ashish
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 25
Training duration: 8 hours and 2 minutes

Course topics on 11/2021

Cisco ASA Firewall Training course prerequisites

You should have a good understanding of Routing and Basic Knowledge of Firewalls.

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Cisco ASA Firewall Training

Cisco ASA Firewall Training course introduction video

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