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Complete algorithmic forex trading and back testing system


Complete algorithmic forex trading and back testing system, course Full Algorithmic forex trading system and Backtesting is published by Udemy Academy. While forex trading is not easy, to be successful today, you must have the ability to test strategies, automate trading, and access information. For this course, we will use the Oanda API service, which is available in most countries around the world. We’ll start by learning Python to access the Oanda REST API. Next, we download several thousand candles and test several parameters and currency pairs at the same time using a simple strategy. Using the results obtained from this back test We can learn how to automate the publication of results in the form of tables and charts. When the simple strategy was tested, We will have a lot more data, 6 years worth of multiple time frames.

We re-implement our simple strategy and then move on to implementing candlestick pattern recognition and indicator calculation. We will also look into using multiprocessing to further speed up testing. Now that we have more knowledge in this area, it is time to develop a system by expanding and breaking candles on more precise time frames. back test More comprehensive by spreading and breaking candles on shorter time frames create. We will choose two strategies with over a million views on YouTube to test and evaluate whether they really deliver the claimed 90% win rate.

Whether as a hobby or a profession, this course It gives you a foundation upon which you will be able to:

  • Building a live trading bot
  • Create a fast and accurate strategy testing system
  • Live retrieval of headline news, excitement, technical, etc. from the web
  • Using databases to store and relate data to market movements
  • Building a web application that shows the latest prices, sentiments and other market data
  • Learn full-stack development using MongoDB, Python, and JavaScript (with React)

What you will learn

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Someone who is interested in building and automating business systems
  • Someone who wants to learn common data science techniques

Complete algorithmic forex trading and back testing system course specifications

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Richard Albert
  • English language
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Number of courses: 310
  • Training duration: 30 hours and 4 minutes

Head of the seasons

Course prerequisites Complete algorithmic forex trading and back testing system

  • Some basic programming knowledge is desirable
  • Some basic computer knowledge is required – such as creating directories and installing software


Complete algorithmic forex trading and back testing system

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The version of 2023/8 compared to 2022/11 has increased the number of 30 lessons and the duration of 3 hours and 6 minutes.

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