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Dc Circuit Analysis (complete)


Dc Circuit Analysis (complete) is a comprehensive training course on direct current (DC) circuit analysis published by Udemy Academy. After completing this training course, students are expected to be able to easily solve the problems and problems related to direct current circuits and start troubleshooting and developing new circuits. In addition to the main educational materials, this course will introduce you to different elements in electrical circuits and the properties and efficiency of each of them. At the beginning of this educational course, you will start your work with a set of theoretical materials and logical theorems, and then you will learn calculation rules and formulas. Then, you will get acquainted with a set of elements that are widely used in electrical circuits, such as operational amplifiers or op-amps, capacitors and inductors, and you will learn valuable tips.

What you will learn in the Dc Circuit Analysis (complete) course:

  • First and second order circuits
  • Logical and mathematical theory and theorems related to direct current circuits
  • How electric circuits work and its different types

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 185
Training duration: 25 hours and 5 minutes

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Course prerequisites

Basic Calculus

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Dc Circuit Analysis (complete)

Dc Circuit Analysis course introduction video (complete)

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