Download Udemy – Design Patterns and their Usage with Dependency Injection 2023-11

Download Udemy - Design Patterns and their Usage with Dependency Injection 2023-11


Course Design Patterns and their Usage with Dependency Injection. Note: This course is also available in German, “Entwurfsmuster und ihre Integration mit Dependency Injection” is a training course to learn widely used design patterns. In my course you will learn the basics of various important design patterns of software development. We intentionally do not cover all possible design patterns. We limit ourselves to the most common patterns that software developers should know. Other patterns beyond that are beyond the scope and complexity of this course. This course also intensively deals with the practical application of patterns in connection with dependency injection and SOLID principles so that Clean Code is not just an empty statement.

Covered design patterns:

  • decorator
  • composite
  • proxy
  • Strategy pattern
  • Strategy proxy
  • adapter
  • absurd object

Concepts covered:

  • Solid principles
  • Dependency injection (constructor injection)
  • The root of the combination (Bootstrapping)
  • Object diagram
  • Chaining and reusing design patterns

Target group: This course is for beginners with programming knowledge and advanced programmers/developers who want to learn the structure of object-oriented software beyond the pure implementation of functions and algorithms and also educate themselves further in design/architecture. . Abstractions and interfaces are briefly introduced in the course, but prior knowledge of them facilitates understanding. This course includes basic knowledge of classes and functions.

Developers who already develop and build full-fledged applications, but often struggle with maintainability and compatibility of their code, can also benefit from the content. In particular, the knowledge provided about dependency injection and compound root can provide new insights here.

Examples and exercises are written in C#, a very understandable programming language. The concepts covered are multilingual and the code can be easily translated into your (object-oriented) programming language.

Course content: Short theoretical introductions with simple UML diagrams lead – through real-world analogies – to practical implementations in code. All design patterns are explained using the example of “sockets and sockets”. In this way, the function, application and goals of the patterns are explained at an easily understandable abstract level. The focus is always on understanding patterns as well as actual execution. Short theory lessons are accompanied by the simplest UML diagrams. This course is based on a rotation

  • Video content that explains design patterns on real objects.
  • Presentations that concisely summarize the material learned,
  • Screencasts showing implementations in real code.
  • exercises that can be solved independently,
  • Tests, to quickly control what has been learned, and
  • A final exam with over 35 questions covering the entire course.

All the knowledge about design patterns is useless if you can’t use them properly in an application. Therefore, this course also includes the basics of SOLID principles, as well as Dependency Injection and Composition Root, the basis of object-oriented design. With these simple concepts, design patterns can be integrated into applications in a way that unleashes their true power: adaptive, maintainable, and understandable code. Building on this knowledge, we will review a real-world application example: order fulfillment for an e-commerce company. You will learn about real-world applications of design patterns as well as their integration into the program.

Exercises: The entire course is supported by exercises written in C# language. You will receive assignments on implementing and creating design patterns. Exercises can be done in two ways. When they are available directly in the course, through the IDE provided by Udemy, including practice tests and solutions. Alternatively, the exercises are located in the project folder available for the free version of Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition (or higher). All code, both examples and exercises are provided with unit tests. Even though unit tests are not explicitly discussed in this course, they can still help you get started with Test-First-Development or Test-Driven-Development (TDD). You will see how easy it is to test the implementation of design patterns.

What you will learn in the Design Patterns and their Usage with Dependency Injection course

  • By the end of the course, you will understand important design patterns, be able to discover them, classify them, and practically implement them in code.

  • You are familiar with the fundamentals of software development that pave the way for clean, flexible and maintainable code.

  • You understand how an application is built and at what point design patterns are injected into your code.

  • The terms Dependency Injection, Composition Root and Object Graph are no longer foreign words to you.

This course is suitable for people who

  • Software developers with beginner skills who are interested in clean, maintainable, and flexible code.
  • Programmers who want to learn the structured design of an application
  • Software engineers who want to isolate their application
  • Software architects who want to understand Dependency Injection and Composition Root
  • C# developers who want to learn how to implement design patterns in their language.
  • Software development engineers who want to make clean code their banner

Course specifications Design Patterns and their Usage with Dependency Injection

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher: Henning Kuntzschmann
  • Training level: beginner to advanced
  • Training duration: 4 hours and 59 minutes
  • Number of courses: 80

Course headings Design Patterns and their Usage with Dependency Injection

Prerequisites of the course Design Patterns and their Usage with Dependency Injection

  • Basic knowledge of an object-oriented programming language, eg classes, methods
  • Optional: Visual Studio 2022 to run the examples and exercises
  • Exercises can also be done within the course using Udemy’s built-in IDE without Visual Studio.

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Design Patterns and their Usage with Dependency Injection

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