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Differential Equations with the Math Sorcerer


Differential Equations with the Math Sorcerer is a differential equations course published by Yudemy Academy. In general, this course is recommended for undergraduate students. During the educational process of the course, you will come across hundreds of exercises and practical examples, each of which has a lot of educational potential. Before starting this training course, you must master calculus, differential calculus, and integral calculus, otherwise you will face problems in solving the exercises. The educational process of the course is very simple. First, watch the video and remember the theory. Stop the video and try to solve the exercises given during the lecture before the course instructor. After the end of the teaching, do the final exercises and then refer to the next part of the training.

The level of exercises and tests presented in this training course is high. If at the end of the course, you were able to complete half of the exercises, it means that your knowledge in the field of differential equations and calculus is at a very good level, and you are likely to be successful in university exams. During the teaching process, you will get acquainted with the techniques of quick solving questions and other prerequisite topics and expand your knowledge in the field of mathematics.

What you will learn in the Differential Equations with the Math Sorcerer course:

  • Determining the type and order of different types of equations
  • Familiarity with a wide range of techniques and solutions for different equations
  • Solving techniques Separable differential equations
  • solve First Order Linear Differential Equations
  • solve Exact Differential Equations
  • Solving Homogeneous Differential Equations
  • solve Bernoulli differential equation (Bernoulli Differential Equations)
  • Familiarity with one and two parameter solutions
  • Familiarity with individual and general solutions
  • Proof of independence and linearity of functions using Runeskin
  • Meet Method of indeterminate coefficients (method of undetermined coefficients)
  • Getting to know the principle of superpositionSuperposition Principle)
  • Solving Cauchy-Euler Differential Equations
  • Calculate the Laplace transform and inverse Laplace transform with tables, partial fractions and trigonometric unions
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yodmi
teacher: The Math Sorcerer
English language
Training level: advanced
Number of courses: 162
Training duration: 11 hours and 4 minutes

Course headings

Prerequisites for the course Differential Equations with the Math Sorcerer

You should know basic calculus.

The ability to integrate well helps, but all integration techniques are reviewed in the problems.

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Differential Equations with the Math Sorcerer

Introduction video of the Differential Equations with the Math Sorcerer course

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