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Domain Driven Design & Microservices for Architects


Domain Driven Design & Microservices for Architects is a domain-driven design and microservices architecture training course published by Yodemy. This training course does not deal much with coding and focuses more on the design of microservices architecture and the overall structure of software development. Microservice architecture is one of the most modern approaches and patterns of software development, which can be considered the opposite of monolith. In this course, you will learn about the process of developing applications based on microservice architecture and performing background processes such as business analysis and domain-oriented design. In this course, no specific framework is used and everything will be designed in Java programming language for convenience. In today’s modern world, various companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Etsy have benefited from microservices architecture.

What you will learn in the Domain Driven Design & Microservices for Architects course:

  • Domain-driven design
  • Microservice architecture
  • Software design and development based on microservice architecture development patterns
  • Microservice implementation with Java programming language
  • Different development patterns of microservices and distributed computing
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Development API For microservices
  • Event Storming

  • Development and design of business case and initial business analysis for microservice based software

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Rajeev Sakhuja
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 115
Training duration: 12 hours and 40 minutes

Course topics on 11/2021

Course prerequisites

Understanding of software development practices

Basic knowledge of JAVA or any other programming language

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Domain Driven Design & Microservices for Architects

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