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Electrical Machines_ Complete Induction machines Course


Electrical Machines: Complete Induction machines Course, the complete training course on induction machines is published by Yudemy Academy. In this course, a complete guide of induction machines including 3-phase and 1-phase induction motors as well as induction generators is provided. This course covers the following key topics in detail: You will learn how to choose the right starter method for each engine. You will learn different methods of speed control of induction motor (operation, implementation, advantages, disadvantages as well as applications), stator voltage speed control, supply frequency speed control, V/F speed control, identify what is a variable frequency drive (VFD). , you will understand how variable frequency drive works, rotor resistance speed control, familiarity with the concept of slip energy recovery, construction and operation of single phase induction motors, you will understand why single phase induction motor does not start by itself. to be

What you will learn

  • Getting to know the importance and application of induction motors
  • Familiarity with the construction and operation of three-phase induction motors
  • Familiarity with types of induction motors
  • Understanding the concept of electric current in induction motors
  • You will learn how to derive the equivalent winding of a motor
  • Understanding the torque speed characteristics of the induction motor
  • Many solved examples on three-phase induction motors
  • Getting to know the necessity of using a starter in induction motors
  • High initial flow issues
  • Getting to know how to operate and implement the online starter circuit
  • Starter Operation / Delta Operation Starter
  • Getting to know the implementation of the Start/Delta starter
  • Automatic start-up and operation of the transformer
  • Sof launch and implementation operations
  • Setting up and implementing the rotor resistance starter
  • Getting to know the advantages, disadvantages and applications of each starter method

Who is this course suitable for?

  • People who want to gain thorough knowledge about induction motors and generators
  • Graduates of electrical engineering
  • People who work in industry and deal with different types of induction machines.
  • People who are interested in electric cars.

Specifications of the Electrical Machines course: Complete Induction machines Course

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Amr Saleh
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 69
  • Training duration: 9 hours and 39 minutes

Chapters of Electrical Machines Course: Complete Induction machines Course

Course prerequisites

  • simple prior knowledge of electrical circuits
  • The passion to learn every thing about induction machines from A to Z


Electrical Machines_ Complete Induction machines Course

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