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Elliott Wave Principle - Trade and Invest with Confidence!


Elliott Wave Principle – Trade and Invest with Confidence! Elliott wave theory course is published by Yodemi Academy. Elliott Waves is one of the most famous styles in the field of technical analysis of financial markets, which is used by a wide range of traders and investors. To succeed in the financial markets, having a strategy and an appropriate analytical style such as Elliott Waves is not enough and you need skills beyond that. Among the most important of these skills, we can mention the skill of controlling the mind and recognizing the psychological characteristics of traders, the correct way of thinking and realistic expectations from the financial markets, and the ability to implement strategies head-to-head and prevent mental traps from occurring.

At the beginning of this training course, you will get to know Elliott waves completely theoretically and then you will analyze the old charts together with the instructor. Implementation of Elliott Wave principles during market hours is another important part of this training course. In this regard, the instructor has given several lessons from all the lessons of this course to trading live on real charts. Elliot waves are a very flexible and practical style and can be used in different markets and time frames. Using the Elliott wave theory along with different styles of price action can broaden your field of vision and provide more information about the future in the short and long term.

What in Elliott Wave Principle – Trade and Invest with Confidence! You will learn:

  • Getting to know the psychology of the mind of traders and the psychology of the market collectively
  • Changing the perspective of new traders towards the market and internalizing the correct and realistic way of thinking
  • Basic familiarity with various types of financial markets and trading jobs
  • Introducing two methods of interacting with the financial markets, i.e. long-term investment and short-term trading
  • Appropriate and required personality traits for a trader
  • Familiarity with various price patterns such as impulse, diagonal, zigzag, flat, triangle, etc.
  • Methods of identifying price patterns in different charts
  • Identifying the right position for ordering in different patterns
  • Complete familiarity with the RSI indicator and its use in trading
  • Methods of counting waves correctly
  • Identifying market reversal points
  • Different strategies in the field of Elliott waves
  • Familiarity with the concept of limit loss and methods to find limit loss
  • Risk management and capital management in Elliot Waves
  • Methods of saving profit and preventing the spread of unprofitable transactions
  • Familiarity with all types of financial markets, such as the stock market, forex, options, digital currencies, etc.
  • Targeting methods of different traders
  • Methods of numbering and naming different waves
  • Combination of Elliott Waves with RSI Oscillator
  • Different scripting methods for opening and closing trades
  • Familiarity with different trading intervals such as scalp, daily, weekly, swing, etc.
  • Methods of planning a codified strategy for trading

Course details

Publisher: Yodmi
teacher: EWTIC Mentor
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 46
Training duration: 16 hours and 42 minutes

Course headings

Elliott Wave Principle Course Prerequisites – Trade and Invest with Confidence!

The requirements are: An Open Mind, a Passion and a Commitment to become a Consistently Successful trader and investor!

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Elliott Wave Principle - Trade and Invest with Confidence!

Elliott Wave Principle course introduction video – Trade and Invest with Confidence!

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