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ETAP Power System Protection Analysis


ETAP Power System Protection Analysis is the name of the course published by Yodemy and it will teach you everything you need to do protection analysis in ETAP software for electrical engineers.

“Do you want to become an expert in ETAP software and power system protection in ETAP?” This course will help you achieve your goals of becoming a Power System Protection Specialist at ETAP. Welcome to the “ETAP power system protection analysis” training course. ETAP is an analytical engineering software useful for electrical engineer to simulate and analyze steady state and dynamic power system. It is used in various sectors such as production, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation and low voltage. The purpose of this course is to learn power system modeling and power system protection analysis using ETAP software, which covers a wide range of ETAP functions used to design and solve various practical power system protection problems. This course begins with the basics of creating one-line diagrams with respect to protection and coordination analysis, data entry, and quickly expands users’ knowledge to include methods for automatically performing electrical system protection and coordination analysis. Whenever possible, the topics are explained with manual calculations and the results are compared with the ETAP software to make it easier for the participants to understand the concepts. The purpose of the protection coordination study is to check that the various protective devices such as relays, breakers, fuses, etc. in the electrical system are properly coordinated and sized for the equipment they protect.

What you will learn in the ETAP Power System Protection Analysis course

  • Fundamentals of overcurrent and ground fault protection and coordination analysis
  • Example of coordination analysis and overcurrent and ground fault protection
  • Automatic Protection and Coordination (Automatic Star Rating)
  • Understanding CT polarity
  • The main coordination ring of the fundamental system
  • An example of coordination of the main ring system
  • Protection and coordination of multiple parallel resources basics and example
  • Principles of voltage-dependent relay coordination for generators
  • Example of coordination of voltage dependent relay for generator
  • Conservation and Coordination Analysis – Basics and Examples
  • Conservation and coordination analysis for multiple parallel resources using different methods – basics and examples
  • Protection and Coordination Analysis for Ring Main System (RMU) – Fundamentals and Examples
  • Current dependent voltage protection for generator circuits
  • Automatic protection and coordination – automatic evaluation of stars in ETAP

This course is suitable for people who

  • Electrical engineers
  • University graduates
  • Skilled people in this industry
  • Site Engineers / Field Operators
  • Project engineers
  • Project managers

ETAP Power System Protection Analysis course specifications

  • Publisher: Yudmi
  • teacher: Electric Power Academy
  • Education level: all levels
  • Training duration: 3 hours and 9 minutes
  • Number of courses: 15

Course headings

ETAP Power System Protection Analysis course prerequisites

  • Should be from electrical background
  • Passionate To Learn Power System Protection

Course images

ETAP Power System Protection Analysis

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