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Flutter BLoC TDD & Clean Architecture _ Project Based


Flutter BLoC TDD & Clean Architecture | Project Based, a BLoC training course on Flutter and Clean Architecture with Test Driven Development is published by Udemy Academy. In this article, we intend to fully cover the details of clean architecture step by step. We will also talk about why it is important and how it plays an important role for large projects and how a team can work together with their projects if the project is done using a clean architecture and how each project depends. This application covers TDD and details clean architecture with BLoC, Provider and Cubit. This application uses Firebase as backend and chat. All data is stored in Firebase and login is also done from Firebase. You receive notifications on various occasions. You may receive a notification to join a group and the notification is for a new course or exam.

There is an admin section in this application where you can upload courses and the program will read it immediately. You can upload many tests or courses. The test result is published automatically and immediately. Students can check their result and retake the exam. You will have a video player that can be full screen or half screen. You can play video from a link or local storage. Profile section provides change of name, password and avatar. The course also covers clear examples of the dedicated TDD section. Therefore, in the first 6 hours of this lesson, we will take a look at an application to learn about TDD and clean architecture.

What you will learn

  • Students are introduced to TDD
  • They will also learn clean architecture.
  • Why TDD and clean architecture are important
  • How can we integrate BLoC with TDD and clean architecture?
  • How to use TDD with BLoC and Cubit

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Beginner to advanced students

Flutter BLoC TDD & Clean Architecture course specifications Project Based

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Dastagir Ahmed
  • English language
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Number of courses: 87
  • Training duration: 24 hours and 19 minutes

Flutter BLoC TDD & Clean Architecture course chapters Project Based

Course prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of programming


Flutter BLoC TDD & Clean Architecture _ Project Based

Sample video

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