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Getting Started with NET Core Identity Server 4


Getting Started with NET Core Identity Server 4 is the name of the video training series in the field of information technology and software and in the field of web APIs. In fact, by watching the tutorials of this course, you will learn the skills of securing web applications with the help of Identity Server 4. This training course has been designed and published specifically for software engineers and students who need to integrate security interfaces between applications and web APIs. If you are also looking to launch your programs and projects quickly and easily, this course will be for you.

Also, in this course, students will learn step by step how to create security in web APIs with the help of Identity Server 4 technology. At the end of this course and by learning the training and skills, your mastery of .NET Core concepts, web APIs and Identity Server 4 will increase significantly. Also, to watch this course, you will need to be familiar with the .NET programming language.

Items taught in this course:

  • Step-by-step training on how to improve the security of web products
  • Learning how to secure your software using Identity Server 4
  • Gaining the necessary skills to develop web API with the help of .NET
  • Complete learning how to integrate .NET software with Identity Server 4
  • And…

Specifications of the Getting Started with NET Core Identity Server 4 course

  • English language
  • Duration: 04:18:22
  • Number of courses: 73
  • Lecturer: Manish Narayan
  • File format: mp4

Course headings

Course content
73 lectures 04:18:22

4 lectures 15:58

.NET Core Web API Project Setup
7 lectures 16:50

Testing Web API using Postman
7 lectures 17:44

Identity Server 4 Project Setup
6 lectures 25:17

Securing Web API using Identity Server
7 lectures 15:49

Identity Model Console Client
6 lectures 21:29

Advanced Knowledge: Grant Types
6 lectures 26:36

Resource Owner Flow
4 lectures 14:19

Implicit Flow
10 lectures 35:13

Identity Server 4 Entity Framework Core
7 lectures 32:25

Swagger for IdentityServer4
8 lectures 35:16

Course Source Code Github
1 lecture 01:26

Prerequisite for Getting Started with NET Core Identity Server 4 course

  • Basic background in .NET programming
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio IDE


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