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Intro To 3D Printing (FDM)


Intro To 3D Printing (FDM), an introductory course to 3D printing, is published by Udemy Academy. Welcome to the world of 3D printing. In this article, we are going to learn how to print FDM/FFF 3D. In the following, we will look at some of the current technologies and features of FDM printers in order to choose the best 3D printer to use. Which components and options you should have in your printer and which options you can do without. Regardless of what your application is (industrial, end-use parts, fiber optic, jewelry, 3D printer, etc.) what materials are currently available and what are their pros and cons. What can and cannot be done in FDM 3D printers. Next, we will review Slicers and other software and principles of 3D printing. Printer basics such as selecting a 3D printer profile, material settings, selecting layer height, print preview, saving to SD card for printing. Basics of 3D printing such as leveling the substrate, heating the nozzle and substrate, loading the filament and starting the print.

What you will learn

  • An introduction to FDM 3D printing
  • What 3D printer should you buy?
  • How to use your FDM 3D printer

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Beginners in 3D printing who have not yet purchased their first printer.
  • Beginners interested in FDM 3D printers

Intro to 3D Printing (FDM) course specifications

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Steven Mosbrucker
  • English language
  • Education level: introductory
  • Number of courses: 91
  • Training duration: 23 hours and 22 minutes

Chapters of the Intro To 3D Printing (FDM) course

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Intro To 3D Printing (FDM)

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