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Learn Mindreading and Mentalism in 3 days


Learn Mindreading and Mentalism in 3 days, the course of learning mind reading and mentalism in 3 days, has been published by Yudmi Academy. In this online mind reading and mentalism training, we will guide you step by step to develop you as a complete artist. You can learn how to use magic through mental energy and thoughts to analyze strategies to wow your audience.

You can implement the effects you learn in this course at any time and in any situation to surprise those around you, your friends or office colleagues. Using simple tools including a cell phone, a book, or a business card, these effects and illusions, once complete, will put you well on your way to becoming the psychoanalyst you want to be. Along the way, you may learn to unravel the mysteries of mindfulness and thought analysis, and use the art of mind-based strategies to surprise your target audience and play with their minds.

What you will learn

  • Read people’s minds, influence their decisions and predict simple things to make your life more interesting.
  • You can learn this mentalism art form to impress your friends.
  • You can be unique in your own way, attract people to you and become the person you are expected to be.
  • With your unique mind reading abilities you can entertain anyone and make new friends.
  • Discovering creativity in the mind and mind reading
  • Research the depths of magical ability rarely shared
  • Learn to read every word from the book that your audience might choose.
  • Influence your audience’s choices and decisions
  • Forcing a word using an underline message
  • Repeat their drawing
  • Unlock your phone
  • Using small props to create the illusion of mind reading
  • Use everyday objects to impress your audience
  • Influence the participant’s choice or decision for a better outcome
  • Alpha mind reading
  • Photographic memory test

Who is this course suitable for?

Details of the course Learn Mindreading and Mentalism in 3 days

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Arun The Mentalist
  • English language
  • Education level: introductory
  • Number of courses: 24
  • Training duration: 2 hours and 46 minutes

Chapters of the course Learn Mindreading and Mentalism in 3 days

Course prerequisites

  • There is no prior experience required; only a willing mind to learn something new and adapt to their lifestyle is required. In fact, anyone can learn this in a week.


Learn Mindreading and Mentalism in 3 days

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