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LPIC-1 - Linux System Administrator Masterclass


LPIC-1 – Linux System Administrator Masterclass is a Linux system administration training course based on the LPIC-1 international test, published by Udemy Academy. This exam consists of two separate parts and both parts are covered in this training course. This course, with 24 hours of pure video training, is one of the most demanded Udemy training series. The content of this course is not limited to the video, but along with the videos, 4 Linux vocabulary booklets, 2 exercise books, 60 targeted exercises, 180 tests, etc. are also included. This course is currently compatible with the 5th version of the LPIC-1 test, and if the test is updated and new questions are proposed, the contents of the course will be updated simultaneously with the test. This training course does not require any background knowledge and anyone can easily participate in this course.

Before starting the main topics of this course, there are two preparatory and preliminary sections. These two sections deal with the basic installation and setup of the Linux operating system and work with the console environment, respectively, and will familiarize you with the history and performance of this powerful operating system. All important commands and commands of Linux, especially frequently repeated commands, are in the center of the teacher’s attention, and many questions are devoted to them. By carefully studying videos and educational books and solving exercises and tests, you will no longer need external content and you will be able to get the grade you want.

What you will learn in LPIC-1 – Linux System Administrator Masterclass course:

  • Getting to know the different sections of the LPIC-1 test and how to answer the questions
  • Familiarity with the job of system administrator or Linux sysadmin
  • Initial installation of required hardware
  • Boot and initial execution of Linux systems
  • Changing and managing runtimes in Linux
  • Reset and restart the system
  • Hard disk layout design and partitioning
  • Install boot manager
  • Management of shared libraries
  • Working with the Debian package management system
  • Working with YUM and RPM package management system
  • Using Linux operating system for virtualization
  • Working with the command line
  • Text processing and text streams using filters
  • Basic and practical commands for file management in Linux
  • Create, monitor and disable different processes
  • Management of user access level and their licenses
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yodmi
teacher: Manuel End
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 129
Training duration: 27 hours and 21 minutes

Course headings

LPIC-1 – Linux System Administrator Masterclass course prerequisites

No prior Linux knowledge required

Interest in Linux

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LPIC-1 - Linux System Administrator Masterclass

LPIC-1 – Linux System Administrator Masterclass course introduction video

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