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Master AI Image Generation using Stable Diffusion


Master course AI Image Generation using Stable Diffusion. Image generation using artificial intelligence is an area that is attracting a lot of attention from both technology professionals and people from other areas who want to create their own custom images. The tools used for this purpose are based on advanced and modern techniques of machine learning and computer vision, which can help create new compositions with high graphic quality. Creating new images is only possible by sending a text description: you ask the artificial intelligence (AI) to create an image exactly as you want! For example, you can send the text “Cat reading a book in space” and the AI ​​will create a visual description accordingly! This technique has attracted a lot of attention in recent years and it has a growing trend in the next few years. There are several tools available for this purpose, and one of the most widely used is Stable Diffusion developed by StabilityAI. It is open source, easy to use, fast and capable of producing high quality images. Since it is open source, developers have created many plugins that can create an infinite variety of images in many different styles. In this course you will learn everything you need to create new images using Stable Diffusion and the Python programming language. See below what is divided into six parts in this training course:

  • Part 1: The basics of sustainable publishing: intuition about how the technology works and how to create the first images. You will also learn about the main parameters for obtaining different results, as well as how to create images with different styles
  • Part 2: Rapid Engineering: You’ll learn how to send the right text so that the AI ​​understands exactly what you want to create.
  • Part 3: Training a custom model: How about putting your photos in the most different environments? In this section you will learn how to use your own images and generate your own avatars
  • Part 4: Image to Image: In addition to creating images by sending text, it is also possible to send images as a starting point for artificial intelligence to generate images.
  • Part 5: Inpainting – Exchange Classes: You will learn how to edit images to remove objects or replace them. For example: remove the dog and replace it with a cat
  • Part 6: ControlNet: In this part you will implement digital image processing techniques (edge ​​and pose detection) to improve results.

All implementations in Google Colab are done online and step-by-step with the GPU, so you don’t need a powerful computer to get amazing results in seconds! More than 50 lessons and more than 6 hours of videos!

What you will learn in the Master AI Image Generation using Stable Diffusion course

  • Understand the principles of Stable Diffusion to create new images

  • Learn how to use Stable Diffusion parameters to get different results

  • Create images using other models provided by the open source community

  • Learn about quick engineering to choose the best keywords to create the best images

  • How to use negative notifications to show things that shouldn’t appear in images

  • Use fine tuning to create your custom model to generate your images

  • Submit primary images for conditional image generation

  • Use inpainting to edit images, remove unwanted elements, or move objects

This course is suitable for people who

  • People who want to learn how to create images using artificial intelligence
  • People who want to make their own avatar
  • Beginners in Computer Vision
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who are taking courses in computer vision, artificial intelligence, digital image processing, or computer graphics.

Master AI Image Generation using Stable Diffusion course specifications

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher: Jones Granatyr
  • Training level: beginner to advanced
  • Training duration: 6 hours and 53 minutes
  • Number of courses: 52

Titles of the Master AI Image Generation using Stable Diffusion course on 11/2023

Prerequisites of the Master AI Image Generation using Stable Diffusion course

  • Programming logic and Python basics are desirable but not required
  • It is possible to follow the course without having technological skills

Course images

Master AI Image Generation using Stable Diffusion

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