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Mastering Colors And Lighting In Interior Design


Mastering Colors And Lighting In Interior Design, the training course on mastering colors and lighting in interior design has been published by Yudmi Academy. This course covers all the objectives needed to be able to paint and light any interior residential space. Details of all aspects of color (theoretical, psychological and technical to choose a color scheme) and light (principles, basics, types, efficiency, requirements, distribution…etc) used in interior spaces are covered. Some of the things you will learn in this course are: an introduction to color theory, understanding the color cycle, an introduction to color schemes, cool versus warm colors and materials, color scheme of specific interior design styles, psychology of color in Interior design, the most popular color schemes in interior design, definitions and technical terms, reading and evaluating light sources, an introduction to lighting fixtures (articles and sources), light layering in interior design, calculating lumens (the amount of light emitted) The need for an efficient space, specialized light distribution in the residence (room to room)

What you will learn

  • An introduction to color theory
  • Getting to know the color wheel
  • All about color schemes in interior design
  • Psychology of color in interior design
  • Putting a color scheme together
  • Creating a project mood board (setting the perspective and mood of the project)
  • Introduction of lighting and technical terms
  • Evaluation and selection of light sources
  • Light layering in interior design
  • Calculation of lumens (amount of emitted light) required for an efficient space
  • Proper distribution of light in homes and energy saving
  • Designing a false ceiling plan and drawing its details
  • Drawing a professional lighting plan

Who is this course suitable for?

  • In general, anyone who seeks knowledge and principles in the field of interior design, interior designers, architects, decorators and draftsmen.

Mastering Colors And Lighting In Interior Design course specifications

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Joelle Maatouk
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 23
  • Training duration: 2 hours and 52 minutes

Chapters of the Mastering Colors And Lighting In Interior Design course

Course prerequisites

  • no prerequisites required


Mastering Colors And Lighting In Interior Design

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