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Multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) Development With Unity


Multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) Development With Unity Virtual reality is booming. While stuck in our homes, we find happiness in the world of virtual reality. But some people still think virtual reality is an isolated experience. Not anymore! Virtual reality has the potential to become an important social influence in our lives. By implementing multiplayer, we can meet other people in virtual worlds and communicate with tools that do not exist in the real world. In this course, we build a multiplayer virtual reality project from scratch. Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit is used for the virtual reality solution. Also, we will use the Asset called Photon-PUN 2 to implement the multiplayer part. You will have a lot of fun with the game assets I share with you while learning.

Items covered in this course:

  • Setting up a Unity project for Oculus Quest using the new XR Interaction Toolkit from Unity 2019.4
  • Implementation of virtual reality keyboard
  • Connecting servers with player name
  • Join virtual rooms
  • Avatar selection system
  • Full coordination of multiplayer virtual reality (head, hand, body)
  • Multiplayer virtual reality motion synchronization for teleportation and joystick
  • Voice chat for virtual reality
  • Networking
  • Scripting editor for multiplayer testing with only one headset

This course has only been tested with Oculus Quest. However, it should also work with Oculus Rift and Rift S without any problems due to the use of XR Interaction Unity, which supports multi-platform VR development. At the end of the course, you’ll have a fully functional multiplayer VR template project that you can even publish! Even if you don’t have a PC with VR support, I’ll show you how to easily test VR projects. If you have a headset that supports SteamVR, you can still participate in this course. Because there is a special tutorial on how to set up a project for OpenVR. Note that currently SteamVR is not officially supported by the XR Interaction Toolkit, but it will be soon and the course will be updated accordingly.

What you will learn in the course:

  • Development of multiplayer virtual reality
  • Full coordination of multiplayer virtual reality (head, hand, body)
  • VR player movement coordination, including teleportation
  • Networking
  • Development for Oculus Quest
  • Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit
  • Editor scripts for easy multiplayer testing
  • Login with player name
  • virtual reality keyboard
  • Virtual reality avatar selection system with five different models
  • Create and join virtual rooms based on map type

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Unity developers who want to create multiplayer VR experiences

Multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) Development With Unity course specifications

Course topics on 5/2023

Multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) Development With Unity course prerequisites

  • Beginner/Intermediate Unity Experience
  • Beginner/Intermediate C# Experience
  • Having an Oculus VR Headset (Quest, Rift or Rift S)
  • Optionally SteamVR supported headset
  • Unity supported PC or Mac

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Multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) Development With Unity

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