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PL-100_ Microsoft Power Platform Apps Maker


PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform Apps Maker, Microsoft Power Platform Apps Maker course is published by Udemy Academy. In this course, we teach the requirements for Power Platform App Maker and focus on the various applications that make up Power Platform, along with how they are used by other programs, applications, and services. Let’s start by looking at the Power Apps application. We’ll get a free developer or free trial version of Power Apps and get some sample data using Dataverse (formerly Shared Data Service). Then we create a canvas application through a template and then, from scratch, rebuild it and extend the functionality. This includes creating a new table in the Dataverse. We will also have a look at global and context variables, components and sets.

Then we’ll take a look at Power Apps using Dataverse. In the following, we discuss the constituent parts of a model-oriented Power App: site maps, forms, views, charts and dashboards. We will also limit the type of data that can be entered into our database using business rules. Next is Power Automate. We will create several automated flows and different triggers and actions that you can use using either the free developer version or the paid version. We covered various triggers and actions along with exploring how we can import data into segments using business process flows. In the following, we will go to the power platform in general and examine the solutions, security and data input and output.

What you will learn

  • Creating canvas-oriented and model-oriented programs
  • Creating automatic power flows
  • Microsoft database configuration and management
  • Create and consume Microsoft Power BI dashboards
  • Description of AI Builder models

Who is this course suitable for?

  • If you want to build apps, flows, and other Power Platform solutions, this course is for you.
  • You can use it to simplify and automate tasks and processes.
  • At the end of this course, after entering the official practical tests, you can enter the official Microsoft PL-100 test.
  • Doesn’t the “Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker” certification look good on your resume?

PL-100 Course Specifications: Microsoft Power Platform Apps Maker

At the beginning of the course seasons in 2024-2

Course prerequisites

  • You need to know how to use a computer, and hopefully know how to use a spreadsheet.
  • It would be good if you have already gone through the requirements of the PL-900 exam, but it is not essential.
  • You need Windows 7 SP1 or above, or for other machines an internet browser (Edge or Chrome preferred) to access most of the apps used in this course.
  • You need Windows 8 or 10 to access Power BI Desktop; however, you can access Power BI Server on other devices.
  • There is a 30-day refund guarantee of this Udemy course (see Udemy’s refund policy).
  • Why not have a look at the curriculum below and see what you can learn?


PL-100_ Microsoft Power Platform Apps Maker

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