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Practical PLC Programming


Practical PLC Programming is one of the best Udemy training courses that teach practical PLC topics. In this course, students who have an average familiarity with the topic of PLC, will acquire the necessary skills to design logical and complex solutions. As a PLC programmer, you often feel alone. That no one is your guide and searching on Google will not result. Your employer or clients only express their needs and the only thing they want from you is the final result.

This course is designed to connect you to the real world. This is no longer a classroom; This is a real fight. You and in front of you PLC! This course, beyond the theoretical topics that are detailed in a separate training course under the title PLC Programming From Scratch From this tutorial, it is intended to familiarize you with the practical aspects of this technology. The examples provided throughout the course are practical and 100% practical. We recommend that you do not come to this course before completing the theoretical prerequisites of PLC and fully mastering this topic. Here are some difficult issues that you need to learn a lot about PLC to solve.

Practical PLC Programming course content

  • After completing this course, you will be able to implement PLC ladder logic programs.
  • In practice, students will learn the real application of the material they learned in the PLC Programming from Scratch course.
  • The main and overall objective of this course is to provide intermediate level PLC students and professionals with practical experience in building ladder logic programs.
  • At the end of the course, students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to transform the explanations of a process into logical solutions in a practical way.

Specifications of the Practical PLC Programming course

  • English language
  • Duration: 08:00
  • Number of courses: 61
  • Lecturer: Paul Lynn
  • File format: Video: h264, 1280*720 Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch
  • Ability to play on: Windows, mobile, TV

Complete list of educational topics and titles

Required conditions

All software required for this course is available for free and links will be provided.
The only OPTIONAL tool we will use in this course which is not free is Microsoft Excel.
You should have already completed “PLC Programming from Scratch (PLC I)” before taking this course.

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Practical PLC Programming (PLC II)

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The version of 10/2019 has decreased by 1 lesson compared to 2018/1.

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