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Qt 5 C++ GUI Development - Intermediate


Qt 5 C++ GUI Development – ​​Intermediate is a training course on user interface development and cross-platform software with the C++ programming language and Qt 5 framework, published by Udemy Academy. Among the most important topics of this training course, we can mention event management, Model View architecture and Graphics View framework. Qt is a powerful and practical framework for developing cross-platform applications that supports various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile and even embedded systems. With the help of this framework, the user can output from a unique codebase for different operating systems without having to change the codes. This training course is not recommended for beginners and inexperienced people, and it is suggested that students get a little familiar with the C++ language and its commands first, and then refer to this course.

This educational course is completely project-oriented and during its educational process you will participate in the process of designing, planning and developing various software projects. Among the most important of these projects, we can mention the reconstruction of the famous and nostalgic game Flappy Bird and the creation of a powerful digital design and painting application. The digital design application has various and special features such as drawing lines with different pens, pens and brushes, eraser, dynamic shapes, copy paste and cut, drag and drop, undo redo, storage. And it supports uploading different files and documents inside the project and many other features. Qt is a very powerful yet flexible framework that can be used to develop and program open source and commercial projects in various personal, medium and organizational dimensions.

What you will learn in the Qt 5 C++ GUI Development – Intermediate course:

  • Programming and managing events in the Qt framework
  • Making special widgets for the application
  • Design and development of the application interface in the Qt framework
  • Advanced and special features of Qt Model View
  • Add drag and drop capabilities to Qt widgets
  • Graphics View framework
  • Making resizable graphic items
  • Building cross-platform applications

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
Lecturer: Daniel Gakwaya
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 149
Training duration: 39 hours and 50 minutes

Course headings

Qt 5 C++ GUI Development – ​​Intermediate course prerequisites

Basic Knowledge of Qt C++ GUI Development

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Qt 5 C++ GUI Development - Intermediate

Introduction video of Qt 5 C++ GUI Development course – Intermediate

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