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Raspberry Pi Full Stack


Raspberry Pi Full Stack, the full stack web application development training course on Raspberry Pi has been published by Udemy Academy. This course is a practical project designed to teach how to build an Internet of Things application based on the most popular embedded computer in the world. It is an updated and improved rebuild of the original full-stack Raspberry Pi. In this new course, I have updated all the technologies related to the current situation and added new content to it. This course will take you through the entire process of developing a web application. You will integrate LEDs, buttons, and sensors with JavaScript, HTML, web servers, database servers, routers, and timers.

As you progress through these sections, you will learn how to complete the application development process. You start with an operating system, add Python, and work with some common hardware. Then you will launch the backend web application and the application itself. During lectures, you learn and add new features and improvements. This course is perfect for people who have at least a basic understanding of computers and electronics. Ideally, you have experience working with Arduino and are comfortable with screens and simple components. This course contains a significant amount of programming. For this you need to be comfortable working with a text editor. Any prior knowledge of Python, JavaScript, or other high-level programming languages ​​would be helpful, although not strictly necessary.

What you will learn

  • Install the minimal OS Raspbian Lite on the RPi.
  • You learn how to work in headless mode
  • You will learn to install and use the Python virtual environment.
  • Install and use Flask, a Python-based web micro-framework
  • Install and use uWSGI as an application server for Flask
  • Install and use Nginx style web server
  • Set up a system to automatically launch the program
  • Using RPi GPIOs as digital input and output
  • Using DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor
  • Installing and using SQLite database
  • Using the Google Chart API to create visual representations of sensor data
  • Using JQuery to add interactivity to web pages

Who is this course suitable for?

  • People who want to experience the full process of web application development
  • Any experience programming with a high-level language is helpful but not required
  • Experience in small-board circuitry is helpful but not required
  • Anyone who wants to have experience working with modern web application development technologies

Raspberry Pi Full Stack Course Specifications

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Dr. Peter Dalmaris
  • English language
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Number of courses: 102
  • Training duration: 11 hours and 27 minutes

Chapters of the Raspberry Pi Full Stack course

Course prerequisites

  • A Raspberry Pi 4, 3, 2, model B
  • A Windows, Mac or Linux computer
  • A DHT22 sensor
  • An 5mm LED
  • A pushbutton
  • A breadboard and jumper wires
  • Access to the Internet
  • (Check hardware requirements in a free lecture in the first section of the course)


Raspberry Pi Full Stack

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