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React Native Tutorial

React Native Tutorial course Travel App. Welcome to our Advanced Journey, a comprehensive solution that seamlessly combines React Native with the latest Expo version (49.0.6) and a robust NodeJS Express REST API. Using the power of native design, our app provides an unparalleled user experience on both Android and iOS platforms. Built with meticulous attention to detail, our program design philosophy revolves around achieving the highest degree of component reusability. This not only ensures consistent performance, but also the flexibility to adapt components to different page layouts and designs. To provide a glimpse of our progress, we are excited to provide a program file for users to explore the current feature set. Technical features:

1. Import custom fonts:

Effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your app by importing and using custom fonts to achieve a unique and attractive design.

2. Navigation with React Navigation:

Use the power of React Navigation to implement smooth and intuitive app navigation and ensure seamless transitions between pages.

3. BottomTab Navigation and related navigation:

Use BottomTabNavigation to create a user-friendly bottom navigation bar, make key features easily accessible, and enhance the user experience.

4. TopTabNavigation and related navigation:

Implement TopTabNavigation to efficiently organize content, allowing users to navigate between sections and access related information seamlessly.

5. Using Axios for API calls with headers:

Efficiently interact with APIs using Axios, use headers to communicate securely, and make non-header calls for versatile data retrieval.

6. Creating styles as functions:

By creating styles as functions, increase code maintainability and reusability, and make it easier to manage and apply a consistent style across components.

7. Combining styles from different files:

By combining styles from different files into one component, achieve a modular approach to styling, ensuring flexibility and consistency.

8. Form validation with Yup and Formik:

Implement strong form validation using the Yup and Formik libraries, providing users with a smooth input experience and reducing errors.

9. Using the exhibition location for the user’s current location:

Tap Expo Location to easily access the user’s current location, enable location-based features and personalized content.

10. Responsive rating with stock star rating:

Engage users with interactive rating systems using libraries like Stock Star Ratings and provide a dynamic way for them to share their opinions.

11. Splash Screen using FlatList:

Create an engaging screen using FlatList, which provides a creative and engaging way to introduce users to your app’s content.

12. Local data storage with Async storage:

Enhance user experience by storing data locally with Async Storage, guaranteeing application performance and reducing reliance on network requests.

Back end:

13. Secure password management with Bcrypt:

Bcrypt implementation for encryption and decryption of passwords, ensuring the highest level of security for user information.

14. Protection of user data with Jsonwebtoken:

Use Jsonwebtoken to protect user information during authentication and authorization processes and increase data security.

15. Mongo schema design:

Create well-structured Mongo schemas to efficiently model your data, ensure optimal database performance and organized data storage.

16. Create routes and middleware:

Organize your backend by creating paths and middleware, increasing code maintainability, and implementing essential functions.

17. Protection of paths with middleware:

Enforce security by protecting paths using middleware and ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive parts of your application.

18. Efficient Mongo Queries:

Explore various techniques to create efficient MongoDB queries, optimize data retrieval, and increase application responsiveness.

19. Data population for complex schemas:

Effortlessly populate first and second level fields in your database schema and simplify data access for complex relationships.

20. Inclusion and deletion of data with database queries:

Create detailed database searches to include or exclude specific data fields, and tailor the retrieved information to your application’s needs.

21. Search optimization with Mongo indexes:

Increase search performance using Mongo indexes, enable fast data retrieval, and improve user experience.

Together, these technical features contribute to the robustness, performance and security of our app and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for users.

Current app features:

1. Time-sensitive greetings: Experience a warm welcome that changes based on the time of day.

2. Top Navigation Bar: Access key features seamlessly through a top navigation bar.

3. Floating Bottom Tab Navigation: Enjoy dual navigation systems for greater usability.

4. Secure Authentication: Securely access the app with JSON Web Tokens and ensure reliability.

5. Custom Loaders: Enjoy a smooth transition with custom loaders during loading periods.

6. Interactive Maps: Explore places with the integrated Google Maps feature.

7. Location Services: Easily retrieve user locations to improve app performance.

8. Dynamic data rendering: access the backend data and present them beautifully in the program.

9. Dual search functionality: Easily search for places and hotels with two distinct options.

10. Customized Recommendations: Get personalized recommendations on the home page and a comprehensive list.

11. Proximity based suggestions: Find nearby hotels based on user’s location and preferences.

12. Shimmer Loading: Enhance the user experience by loading Shimmers, especially on the home page.

13. Seamless Logout: Seamlessly log out when needed.

14. Flexible payment options: Choose from a variety of payment methods that suit your preferences.

15. User Comments: Share your experiences by adding comments.

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