Download Udemy – ROS Ultimate guide for Custom Robotic Arms and Panda 7 DOF 2022-5

ROS Ultimate guide for Custom Robotic Arms and Panda 7 DOF


ROS Ultimate guide course for Custom Robotic Arms and Panda 7 DOF. We’ll start by creating a custom bot called BAZU. which will be created from scratch, links containing URDF, links will be explored in depth. When the robotic arm is created, we add the controllers (position, effort, joint path) from the ros_control package. This directs us to the DH tables for forward and inverse kinematic solutions for our custom robot using the Robotics Toolbox by Peter Corke. After understanding all the basics of a custom robotic arm, we will move on to the very popular Franca Emika Panda 7 degrees of freedom commercial robotic arm. Our first goal will be to install a custom controller in it as we learned in the previous sections. The only reason for doing this is to be able to control any existing URDF bot. With the help of the previously mentioned robotics toolbox, forward and reverse kinematics will be solved for this robot. The last thing we’ll do is create a lib action interface for Joint Trajectory for the Panda robot, so we just need to send the trajectory points and the final effect will move it in the way we’ll define. Results after this course: You can create

  • Custom workspace
  • Custom Python packages
  • Custom robotic arms
  • Ros control interfaces
  • Forward and reverse kinematic solution
  • Launch the files
  • Basics of RVIZ and Gazebo simulation
  • Custom controllers for you robots
  • position controller
  • effort controller
  • Shared path controller
  • Implementation of the path of the panda robot
  • Required software
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • ROS Noetic
  • Motivated mind for a big programming project

What you will learn in the ROS Ultimate guide for Custom Robotic Arms and Panda 7 DOF course

  • 🦾 7 DOF Panda Franca arm with custom controllers and path nodes

  • 🤖 Building custom path and effort controller for robotic arm in Gazebo

  • ➗ Forward and reverse kinematics with RTB solution

  • 💾 Extract Denavit–Hartenberg table representation for your robots

  • ⛩️ 3D structure of robotic arm base with URDF

  • 🗺️ Building a custom 3 DOF robotic arm for Gazebo simulation

This course is suitable for people who

  • 📚 Want to learn how to simulate a custom robotic arm?
  • ➕ Know how to calculate reverse and forward kinematics for each robot
  • 📖 Want to know about DH tables for your bot

ROS Ultimate Guide to Custom Robotic Arms and Panda 7 DOF

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher: Muhammad Luqman
  • Training level: beginner to advanced
  • Training duration: 4 hours and 58 minutes
  • Number of courses:

Course topics on 3/2024

ROS Ultimate guide course prerequisites for Custom Robotic Arms and Panda 7 DOF

  • 🛩️ ROS 1 Basics workflows, nodes communication, Launch Files
  • 🏎️ Understanding of Basics of Python 3
  • 🖥️ Installations: ROS 1 Noetic, Ubuntu 20.04 Focal

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ROS Ultimate guide for Custom Robotic Arms and Panda 7 DOF

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