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Siemens TIA Portal - HMI Basics


Siemens TIA Portal – HMI Basics is the name of the course published by Udemy and it will teach you everything you need to design, build, simulate and test your first TIA Portal HMI application. After completing this course, you can confidently add “TIA Portal – HMI Application Builder” to your CV and start getting paid for your new skills.

Hello! My name is Hans and I am a full-time control and automation engineer. I am here to help you learn the basic concepts, tools and functions you need to build modern, fully functional and intuitive SIMATIC WinCC applications in the popular fully integrated automation solution – Siemens TIA Portal. At the end of this course, you will be able to build HMI applications using TIA specific tools and TIA best practices. In this HMI training course, you will master the basic skills and concepts in the TIA portal. Create your own modern and intuitive screen template layout (using native application layers and colors), visualize your application process overview using custom animated graphics, text and parameters (graphic lists), using Add alert control from alert texts and alert page with alert view object and reset button, recipe execution in your application (using recipes, data records and recipe elements), users and user groups Configure and add permissions to display objects for increased security and simulate and test your HMI application locally on your laptop without the need for other hardware.

Essential TIA tools and best practices are at your fingertips. Learning the principles of designing TIA HMI applications provides you with a powerful and very useful tool. TIA Portal is one of the leading automation platforms used in the industry, providing automation solutions for manufacturing companies worldwide. Careers in TIA development abound. Learning the basics of HMI applications in the TIA Portal gives you an active start in the market and a strong foundation to more easily add advanced concepts to your skill set. This course is aimed at people who already have a basic understanding of PLC and HMI. During this course of 60 lectures and over 5 hours of content, you will learn all the fundamentals of TIA Portal HMI and develop a strong understanding of the concepts behind each step of building a modern, intuitive and fully functional building. During the course, I invite you to participate in assignments and put your newly learned skills into practice immediately. If you attend and complete all the assignments, you will have built a complete TIA HMI program by the end of the course! We start the course with an overview of the sample application that we will use throughout the course. First we add a new TIA HMI device to our sample project and set up the connection to the PLC (which is already in the sample project). After adding our PLC tags to the HMI, we’ll work our way through designing a nice layout for our modern and intuitive screen layout.

With these initial steps in place, I’ll walk you through the steps of adding a process overview page, complete with animated graphics (list graphics), texts, and parameter entries. We put a lot of emphasis on using layers for our screen objects and define 3 main colors for our app for a modern look. Visualizing the process in place, the course guides you through the steps of adding alerts to the app. We will generate the alert texts (using PLC trigger tags) and create an alert screen from scratch to display those alert texts. After controlling the alarm, we focus on the recipe. We create a recipe and assign our process parameters (=recipe elements) to them. We’ll also create some data records that contain a set of specific values ​​for our parameters. After creating the recipe, we will design a recipe page that will allow us to load, save, create and delete recipe data records. Now that the recipes have been added to the app, it’s time to secure our app. We add user management to the application by creating users, user groups, and permissions. By implementing user management, we will be able to protect buttons, parameters and other page objects.

Finally, completing the program from a design perspective, this course takes you through the process of testing all the exciting features of the HMI program. We will use a simulated PLC program (S7-PLCSIM) together with a runtime HMI program. At the end of the course, you will be able to build a clean, modern and intuitive HMI application from scratch using a wide range of TIA specific skills and TIA best practices. Complete with links to the free 21-day TIA portal trial, sample TIA applications, checklists and other downloadable practice documents. We will include these sample programs and support.

What you will learn in Siemens TIA Portal – HMI Basics course

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to build a modern, intuitive and full-featured HMI application in TIA Portal from scratch.
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to add process visualization, alarm control, recipe management, and user management to your HMI application.
  • At the end of this course, you will be able to test all the features of your HMI runtime on your laptop without any additional hardware.
  • At the end of this course, you will know all the tools and best practices that will allow you to drastically improve the speed and efficiency of your programming in the TIA portal.

This course is suitable for people who

  • Software programmers or field engineers who wish to build HMI applications in the TIA Portal using TIA-specific tools and best practices.
  • Anyone with basic knowledge of PLC and HMI is eager to start building an HMI application in TIA Portal
  • A student interested in improving their TIA HMI skills to make a great impression in a job interview.
  • Anyone who wants to add “TIA Portal HMI application builder” to their collection

Siemens TIA Portal – HMI Basics course specifications

  • Publisher: Yudmi
  • teacher: Hans Schrynemakers
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • Training duration: 5 hours and 36 minutes
  • Number of courses: 60

Course topics on 1/2022

Siemens TIA Portal – HMI Basics course prerequisites

  • Basic PLC and HMI knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of the TIA Portal user environment
  • No prior TIA HMI experience required!
  • (Optional) My PLC course “TIA Portal – PLC Programming Basics”

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Siemens TIA Portal - HMI Basics

Sample video of Siemens TIA Portal – HMI Basics course


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