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SOLIDWORKS: Become a Certified Professional Today


SOLIDWORKS: Become a Certified Professional Today , the name of the video training series is considered to be learning the principles and basics of design. In this video course, you as a student will learn a lot of information and skills SOLIDWORKS you will get On the other hand, all the skills you learn in this course will be useful in the real world. Therefore, you will not waste your time by watching this course. On the other hand, the exercises are designed in short packages to make your learning better than ever.

This training course can help you get the CSWP international qualification. In fact, by watching this course, you will go through all the CSWP chapters, which in itself is good news for the students of this course. Also, you can show the skills you gain in SOLIDWORKS as a great resume at the end of this course. This course is recommended for people who intend to gain a better understanding and mastery of SOLIDWORKS.

Features of the course:

  • Learning how to use Draft, Shell, Rib and Mirroring
  • How to use internationally defined standards
  • How to create a new coordinate system and use it in Mass
  • Learn how to relate dimensions in a part using equations
  • Mastering how to use design tables to create multiple configurations of a model
  • And…

Specifications of SOLIDWORKS: Become a Certified Professional Today:

SOLIDWORKS chapters: Become a Certified Professional Today


  • You will need SOLIDWORKS 2015 or newer to open the models we provide throughout the course.
  • Basic knowledge of SOLIDWORKS is required. The desire to learn and create awesome stuff is a plus.
  • This course is an advanced follow up of our previous courses “SOLIDWORKS Course: Become a Certified Associate Today”. Taking the first course before this will give an advantage.
  • Microsoft Excel


SOLIDWORKS: Become a Certified Professional Today (CSWP)

Sample video

Installation guide

After extracting, watch with your favorite player.

Subtitles: English, Italian

Quality: 720p


The version of 2021/9 compared to 2018/12 has increased the number of 1 lessons and Italian subtitles have been added to it.

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