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Structural Engineering Abaqus Tutorials


Structural Engineering Abaqus Tutorials training course on structural design and modeling with engineering software Abaqus is published by Udemy Academy. This training course is completely project-oriented and you will deal with several practical issues and challenges. This course is designed and planned exclusively for students and engineers in the fields of urban planning, mechanics and civil engineering and will challenge their skills and practical knowledge in the field of Finite Element Method (FEM). Before starting the practical lessons and projects, you will get acquainted with various theories in the field of software input parameters, modeling and analysis of the final structure.

This training course consists of 13 separate sections and among the most important topics covered are analysis of concrete columns, three-point bending test, reinforcement of concrete columns with different methods such as metal bars, polymer reinforced with carbon fibers and Metal foam, identification of structural model parameters of damaged concrete plasticity, load bearing analysis of concrete columns as a group, modeling of all types of concrete columns and structures, simulation of concrete columns and structures under cyclic load, etc.

What you will learn in the Structural Engineering Abaqus Tutorials course:

  • Abaqus software environment and working with its various tools
  • Types of damage modeling methods for concrete structures
  • Damaged concrete plasticity structural modelCDP)
  • Johnson Cook model (Johnson-cook)
  • Johnson-Holmquist damage model
  • Damage model Hasin
  • Simulation of concrete structures under different load conditions
  • ultimate tensile strength (Tensile)
  • pushing resistance (compression)
  • Bending test
  • repeated impact test
  • Cyclic load endurance test (Cyclic loading)
  • Modeling concrete and metal columns and beams
  • Modeling the process of strengthening and strengthening various metal and concrete columns and beams
  • Using the XFEM method in crack growth investigation

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Armin Yousefi Kanani
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 51
Training duration: 13 hours and 33 minutes

Course headings

Prerequisites for Structural Engineering Abaqus Tutorials course

Abaqus Software (Version 6.14.1 is used for this course)

Basic knowledge of Abaqus software

Civil or mechanical engineering background

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Structural Engineering Abaqus Tutorials

Structural Engineering Abaqus Tutorials course introduction video

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