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Tailwind CSS : A Modern Way To Build Websites Using CSS


Tailwind CSS : A Modern Way To Build Websites Using CSS is a project-based training course for the powerful Tailwind CSS framework published by Yodemy. In this course, you will design and develop a home trading portal and its management dashboard using the Tailwind CSS framework. Tailwind CSS is a new website styling solution that allows the user to do page layout and styling within the main HTML file without the need for external CSS files. Website styling with raw CSS has become very difficult and time-consuming, and if the project expands and progresses, it will leave you in the middle of a set of classes and incomprehensible selectors. To solve this problem, there are solutions such as Bootstrap, but Bootstrap, despite its many advantages, binds the hands and feet of the developer and limits you to a series of pre-made solutions and codes.

The Tailwind CSS framework does not have any of the mentioned problems and creates a fully centralized and professional control environment that enables you to easily manage all the elements of your website. Learning Tailwind CSS takes some time, but after learning it, you no longer need bulky CSS codes and you can speed up the development process of websites.

What you will learn in the Tailwind CSS: A Modern Way To Build Websites Using CSS course:

  • Website styling and page layout with the powerful Tailwind CSS framework
  • Tailwind CSS classes utility
  • Building reactive and responsive websites
  • Creating 100% interactive dashboards and management panels
  • Implementation of charts and graphs in the management panel of the website
  • Using Tailwind classes to build different components

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Ashutosh Pawar
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 68
Training duration: 6 hours and 31 minutes

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Must Be Familiar With Basics of HTML & CSS

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Tailwind CSS : A Modern Way To Build Websites Using CSS

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