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Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation


Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation, a training course for technical writers and how to write software documentation has been published by Udemy Academy. Is the ability to provide information related to the use of your software necessary for your customers? Do you spend hours and hours explaining how to use this software? Or do you get feedback from your customers that your documentation is hard to follow, inconsistent, or even confusing? Then this course is for you. Over the years, the core activities of professional technical writers have continuously evolved. We started as technical writers and focused only on technical writing. We have become information developers who also consider the graphic and design aspects of content. Today, we must bring together the skills of writing, design and graphics, video production, multimedia, metadata and software development to meet the expectations of our users.

All these assets together can be described as helping the user. JPDocu Technical Writing School is a training company interested in technical writing, software documentation, API documentation, information architecture and DITA XML, helping our students to start and progress quickly in their technical writing career. .. Our technical writing courses are taught as part of academic courses in technical communication at several universities in Europe, as well as part of programming for new technical writers for many of the best software development companies. We shape the next generation of technical writers and information developers by imparting experience in a simple and practical way. For several years, JPDocu Technical College has been providing training for those who want to start technical writing. Our students will start working soon.

What you will learn

  • Learn what it takes to get started working on software documentation for an application.
  • Learn how to write documentation on GitHub using Markdown
    Try tools and infrastructure that will help you start writing your content right away.
  • Learn how to prepare, structure, and develop information that helps users use your software
  • Learn the basics of structured writing
  • Understand the importance of metadata and classifications to improve user findability of assets.
  • Learn how to create graphics for your software documentation using Canva

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Software developers who want to gain practical knowledge on how to provide assistance to users of software products
  • Students who are working on their own software development projects and are currently working on providing documentation for their application.
  • If you are pursuing a career as a technical writer, developer, architect, manager or product owner
  • Business analysts who want to know the basics of technical writing
  • Technical writers and information developers

Specifications of the course Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation

Beginning of the course seasons on 2023-1

Course prerequisites

  • You will need a PC or a laptop where you can develop content assignments or install particular software we will be using on trial basis in the course of the training


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