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Tensorflow 2.0: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Tensorflow 2.0: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence is a course from Udemy that focuses on artificial intelligence and deep learning and topics such as neural networks for computer vision, time series forecasting, NLP It teaches you GAN, reinforcement learning, and Tensorflow. TensorFlow is a Google library for artificial intelligence and deep learning, the second version of which has just been released. Deep learning has recently made significant breakthroughs in the fields of self-driving cars, speech recognition, GAN and NLP, and learning it can completely change your future.

If you want to use the science of deep learning professionally, you need to get to know Tensorflow. During this course, important deep learning structures including deep neural network, convolutional neural network, and recurrent neural network will be discussed and taught, and how to process images and sequence data will be explained. The course instructor also introduces you to the Tensorflow library and teaches how to distribute models, use variables, and other Tensorflow applications.

Things that are taught in this course

  • Familiarity with artificial and deep neural networks
  • Predicting stock returns
  • Computer vision
  • Time series forecasting
  • NLP and GAN
  • Recognition of sound and images
  • Natural language processing
  • Familiarity with Tensorflow
  • Building DeepDream model and localization of objects

Tensorflow 2.0 course specifications: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • English language
  • Duration: 22h 8m
  • Number of courses: 134
  • Education level: Intermediate
  • teacher : Lazy Programmer TeamLazy Programmer Inc
  • File format: mp4

Course topics on 12/2022

Tensorflow 2.0 course prerequisites: Deep Learning

  • Know how to code in Python and Numpy
  • For the theoretical parts, understand derivatives and probability


Tensorflow 2.0: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Version 2/2020 compared to 2019/10 has reduced the number of 6 lessons and about 20 minutes. But it has increased in size by about 150 MB.

Version 2020/4 has increased the number of 2 lessons and about 6 minutes compared to 2020/2.

Version 2020/6 has increased the number of 1 lesson and 3 minutes compared to 2020/4.

The 2020/7 version has an increase of 1 lesson and 4 minutes compared to 2020/6.

Version 2/2022 has increased the number of 7 lessons and 1 hour and 16 minutes compared to 2020/7.

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