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The 4 German Cases & Adjective Declension


The 4 German Cases & Adjective Declension is a German grammar and usage course published by Udemy Academy. In this training course, you will get to know the four grammatical modes of the German language, i.e. substantive, passive, passive and adjuncts, and you will gain valuable skills. Grammatical modes and conjugation of verbs in different situations are two of the most important and at the same time the most challenging topics of the German language, which can cause problems for many learners. This training course is one of the most complete courses available on the internet, which takes German grammar into consideration in a completely specific and practical way. This course is generally designed for beginners and beginners, while professionals and native German speakers can also benefit from it.

Verb conjugation is one of the most boring parts of learning foreign languages. To learn conjugation of verbs, you need to memorize a table full of different verbs. This training course uses a series of modern and technical methods to teach different verbs and makes you unnecessary to memorize different verbs. In order to create variety during the educational process of Modares course, he has used many examples and sample sentences. In addition to the video content, a series of text files and targeted exercises have also been published, which can help you find weak points and grammatical errors.

What you will learn in The 4 German Cases & Adjective Declension course:

  • The four grammatical modes of the German language
  • Familiarization with definite and indefinite definition letter
  • Personal and possessive pronouns
  • Conjugation of adjectives and verbs in German
  • Modern tricks and methods of conjugating verbs and memorizing them

Course details

Publisher: Yodmi
teacher: Sandra 11 Percent
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 36
Training duration: 3 hours and 8 minutes

Course headings

The 4 German Cases & Adjective Declension course prerequisites

You should have a basic knowledge of the German language (Beginner A1)

You should already be familiar with German pronouns (ich, wir, mein…)

You should know something about the German genders and articles (der, die, das)

You should know some basic German vocabulary

Course images

The 4 German Cases & Adjective Declension

Introduction video of The 4 German Cases & Adjective Declension course

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