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The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course 2024


The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course 2024, Cryptocurrency Trading Course and Bitcoin Trading Course is published by Udemy Academy. I know what you’re thinking: cryptocurrency and bitcoin? It’s too complicated for me. But let me tell you, with the right guidance and strategy, you can turn these volatile assets into a profitable investment. Think of it this way: Crypto trading is like surfing, you have to know when to catch it, ride it and most importantly when to get off before you crash. In this course, you will be taught all the tricks and techniques you need to become a professional in the crypto world. You will master all the proven strategies, secret tactics that will make your trading process much easier.

You will discover the “Copy and Paste” system for cryptocurrency trading explained in simple, easy and clear terms. This is the only guide you will need to start buying your first cryptocurrency, and that is not the whole story. You’ll also learn the power of technical analysis, how to read charts and indicators, and how to identify market trends to make profitable trades (and learn with dozens of real-world examples). Plus we’ll talk about topics like how to research a currency you’re interested in, how to determine if a trend is weak or strong, how to spot wrong trading signals, how to allocate capital wisely, and much more. By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market and the confidence to make smart trading decisions.

What you will learn

  • Discover the internal cryptocurrency trading system with all the right strategies for maximum profit. Real world examples and sheets.
  • How to trade cryptocurrency, profitable trading experience and strategies
  • How to prepare an up-to-date list of cryptocurrencies in just a few hours and take care of your money
  • How to mine your cryptocurrencies and protect them from being hacked
  • How to register your cryptocurrency trading accounts and protect them from being hacked
  • How to research and find information about a coin you are interested in
  • How to have a broader perspective in the cryptocurrency market

Who is this course suitable for?

  • If you are looking to make money online by investing in the cryptocurrency market, this course is for you
  • If you want to create a new source of passive income, you’ve come to the right place
  • If you want to find a trading strategy that actually works, you shouldn’t ignore this lesson
  • If you are learning about cryptocurrency trading, this course will be a shortcut
  • This course is for everyone who wants to get rich by investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Details of The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course 2024

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • teacher : Wealthy Education
  • English language
  • Education level: all levels
  • Number of courses: 104
  • Training duration: 9 hours and 26 minutes

At the beginning of the course seasons in 2024-1

Course prerequisites

  • A FREE TradingView Account for Chart Analysis
  • Sign Up For Free Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Sign Up For Free Crypto Trading Accounts
  • (Optional) Take Our “Cryptocurrency Trading: Technical Analysis Masterclass” If You’re New to Technical Analysis
  • (Optional) Take Our “Cryptocurrency Trading: Candlestick Pattern Masterclass” If You’re New to Candlestick Pattern Trading
  • Strong desire of getting rich and retiring early
  • Passion and Enthusiasm for Learning
  • Don’t Skip Any Lessons (All lessons are important!)
  • No Fundamental or Technical Knowledge required to take this course!
  • Everyone can learn to become successful in the cryptocurrency market


The Complete Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Trading Course 2024

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