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Ultimate Graphic Design: Create Beautiful 40+ Real Projects


Ultimate Graphic Design: Create Beautiful 40+ Real Projects is a project-based graphic design training course with Photoshop software published by Yodemy Academy. During this training course, you will participate in the process of designing and publishing 40 different projects. Among the most important topics of this course, we can mention thumbnail design, advertising banners, catalogs, images that can be published on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, card design for various occasions, newspaper and newsletter design, etc. Designing graphic content is one of the most lucrative and at the same time flexible jobs that different people can acquire the necessary skills in this field. Your main tool in this training course is Photoshop software from Adobe. No special experience is needed to work with this software and all its features, tools and user interface will be explained in a practical way.

What you will learn in the Ultimate Graphic Design: Create Beautiful 40+ Real Projects course:

  • Creating clickable advertising banners
  • Professional design of Instagram posts and stories
  • Thumbnail design for videos published on YouTube
  • Creating and designing email newsletters
  • Resume and portfolio design to display portfolio
  • Design and print business cards
  • Basic principles and concepts of logo design for different businesses and individuals
  • Product catalog design and printing
  • Making different covers and images for social networks
  • The principles of graphic design and various Photoshop software tools

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Cristian Doru Barin
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 156
Training duration: 13 hours and 42 minutes

Course topics in 2021/12

Course prerequisites

Just about any version of Photoshop. Preferably Photoshop CC. CS6 is fine, but not ideal. Lightroom or Elements are not ok!

There will be a few cases where we’ll use Adobe Illustrator, but just to copy-paste some resources, nothing more

You need a very BASIC understanding of Photoshop.

Course images

Ultimate Graphic Design: Create Beautiful 40+ Real Projects

Video introducing the Ultimate Graphic Design course: Create Beautiful 40+ Real Projects

Installation guide

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English subtitle

Quality: 720p

The old name of the course: Practical Photoshop: Build a Portfolio with 40 Projects

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