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Voice Acting Masterclass for Audiobooks & Narrations


Voice Acting Masterclass for Audiobooks & Narrations, the voice acting masterclass for voice acting and narrator of audio books is published by Udemy Academy. Not only will you earn money as a voice actor recording promotions, commercials, and public speaking scripts, but you’ll actually learn how to increase the flexibility of your voice to perform character voices and work in different audio scenarios. What about producing narration for audiobooks where you have to have realistic listening skills for character voices? Imagine everything you need gathered in one place to help you along the way. Work from home in any of the four worlds of audio, audiobook, animation and game recording. You will follow simple steps to go from a beginner to a pro. By offering acting skills and a wider range of voices and accents, you will increase your current income. Using your unique voice generator system, the character control panel, you will create an almost unlimited variety of character voices.

What you will learn

  • In this course you will learn how to get started with your home recording facilities.
  • By using the unique feature of “Character Control Panel”, you can develop different types of voices for different characters. You will find new sound styles.
  • How to get a job in video games, how they choose the voice they want and how to interpret the writing.
  • How to work regularly as an audiobook narrator highlighting storybooks and creating different voices for each character.
  • You will learn how to create audio shows that stand out from your competition and present them in the format desired by agencies and production companies.
  • How to get in the mood before every recording session so you perform your best every time.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Anyone from any level, whether they are just starting out or have experience, and want to improve their skills and grow their business.
  • Existing voice actors who want to enhance themselves by adding flexible voice styles and character voices to perform better in video games, audiobook narration, and animation.
  • Trained actors who want to increase their income by learning the skills of a voice actor.
  • Authors who want to make audio versions of their works. This course will explain in detail the entire production process, whether writers choose to narrate themselves or hire another voice actor.

Voice Acting Masterclass for Audiobooks & Narrations

Chapters of Voice Acting Masterclass for Audiobooks & Narrations

Course prerequisites

  • You should be excited about wanting to take your acting or voiceover skills to the next level of being a trained Voice Actor, where you can offer character voices and be much more flexible with your voice.
  • You should have an open mind and be able to criticize your current voice and narration skills.
  • You should be prepared – to prepare! Solid preparation is key to getting the best results – the best voice actors rehearse and try out new voices all the time for new fiction audiobook characters or for parts in video games and cartoons – if you want great results, you should be prepared to do the same
  • You’ll need an audio recording device; a phone in a quiet area is fine to start with, but we have extensive detailed information as to how to set up a professional recording facility at your home.


Voice Acting Masterclass for Audiobooks & Narrations

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