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Web Components & Stencil.js - Build Custom HTML Elements


Web Components & Stencil.js – Build Custom HTML Elements, the web component and stencil course with building custom elements, is published by Udemy Academy. There are thousands of HTML tags to choose from, but some really useful tags (, , , …) are overlooked. What if you could create your own HTML tags No frameworks like Angular, libraries like React, or specialized knowledge of JavaScript in general. Only with one magical, native-JavaScript feature called “Web Components”. Web components are a combination of different features that are included in the browser. Getting started with these features is incredibly easy, and you’ll quickly be able to build your own powerful custom HTML elements.

However, such custom elements do not replace Aspect, React or Vue – instead you can easily use them in any web project, including those that use such frameworks and libraries. . In this course you will learn this topic from the beginning. But we will not stop there. While it’s relatively easy to get started, creating more complex components will be more difficult. Stencil.js is a tool that makes it much easier to build such native web components using modern features like TypeScript and JSX (don’t worry, you’ll learn that in this course).

What you will learn

Who is this course suitable for?

Course specifications Web Components & Stencil.js – Build Custom HTML Elements

At the beginning of the course chapters on 11/2022

Course prerequisites

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge is required (basic syntax, DOM basics, objects basics)
  • ES6+ JavaScript knowledge (classes etc) is a plus but not a must-have


Web Components & Stencil.js - Build Custom HTML Elements

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