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Classic React


Classic React is the classic React course published by UI.Dev. The best course in the world to take you from zero to enterprise level React. Avoid reading old tutorials and watching messy screen sharing videos.
We use a linear approach to take you step-by-step from the basic building blocks of React – to building real-world applications with confidence.

The first time you’re introduced to a topic, any background information you have to process is distracting. We remove all that extra noise so you can focus on understanding the subject. These lessons are offered in two formats – video and text, so you can learn however suits you best.

What you will learn in the Classic React training course:

  • 26 lessons covering the entire API.
  • More than 400 minutes of video
  • Tests and practice scenarios
  • 1 project guided by organizational quality
  • And …

Course details

  • Publisher: UI.Dev
  • teacher: Dan Ferrer
  • English language
  • Number of courses: 54
  • Training duration: 4 hours and 10 minutes

Course headings

1- React Overview
2- The Road to Hello World
3- Passing Data to Components
4- Rendering Lists
5- Managing State
6- Functional components
7- Validating Props with PropTypes
8- The Component Lifecycle
9- Handling Form State
10- Building reusable components
11- Bypassing Props with React Context
12- Code Sharing in React
13- Code Sharing in React
14- Better Classes with Class Fields
15- React Router
16- Production Builds and Hosting
17- Performance Gains with Code Splitting
18- Bonus Time


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