Download Valve & Control Valve Masterclass: Design Selection & Sizing

Valve & Control Valve Masterclass: Design Selection & Sizing


Valve & Control Valve Masterclass: Design Selection & Sizing is a training course on designing, sizing and selecting the right valve and control valve, published by Yudemy Academy. Various types of valves, valves and control valves are used in different industries. Among the most important of these industries, we can mention petrochemicals, refinery units, power generation, natural resources engineering, etc. This training course uses graphics, 3D animations and a set of files prepared for visual training and different sections.

What you will learn in the Valve & Control Valve Masterclass: Design Selection & Sizing course:

  • Different types of valves such as plugs, gates, candle valves, butterfly valves, etc.
  • Two-port and three-port control valves
  • Valve actuator
  • positioner
  • safety valve
  • Mechanical trap
  • Various filters and refiners
  • Design and implementation of various piping systems
  • Implementation of production operations
  • Basic sizing and choosing the right valve for a project
  • Classification of different valves and valves
  • Combination of three-port control valves
  • Diaphragm Actuators
  • Piston actuator
  • vane actuators
  • Scotch Yoke actuators
  • Digital installer
  • I/P converters
  • Assembling various taps and valves in 3D and 2D environments
  • Choosing the right tap and valve for various applications and industries
  • And…

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
Instructor: WR Training Pro
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 276
Training duration: 12 hours and 38 minutes

Course headings

Valve & Control Valve Masterclass course prerequisites: Design Selection & Sizing

Some engineering or field knowledge is preferable but not mandatory. All the concepts are explained in depth using an easy to understand language to allow students to build their knowledge from the ground up
Please note that the mathematics in this course is undemanding. All the work can be done with a hand-held calculator with powers, roots and log functions.
To further help you in this task, the course is accompanied with a Valve Sizing Spreadsheet. The Valve sizing spreadsheet will help you perform all the calculations that we will discuss further ahead in the course. It has all the sizing equations, numerical constants and other parameters built right into it.
We assume that Microsoft Excel is installed on your computer and that you have basic knowledge of using Excel.

Course images

Valve & Control Valve Masterclass: Design Selection & Sizing

Valve & Control Valve Masterclass course introduction video: Design Selection & Sizing

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