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*UPDATED* Web Development Secrets 2024 - CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC


Web Development Secrets 2024 – CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC is a web development training course published by Udemy Online Academy. In this comprehensive training course, you will learn the techniques and skills that will allow you to make significant progress in web development. In this training course, you will learn about Critical Rendering Path. It refers to the set of steps that browsers must take to fetch and then convert HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into live, live websites. From there, you’ll begin to explore and experiment with performance measurement tools. You’ll learn simple yet powerful strategies to get the first pixels to the screen as quickly as possible.

There are different steps for CRP, such as creating DOM, creating CSSOM, executing JavaScript, creating a rendering tree, creating a layout, and finally coloring the pixels on the screen, all of which will be taught to you in this training course. By the end of this course, you will be able to speak CRP by gaining an understanding of how to fetch data from a server and then deliver that data to your user as quickly as possible. During this training course, you will come across different types of practical examples that will help you to progress in learning the topics mentioned in the training videos and also gain practical experience. This course is recommended for those who want to learn modern coding techniques, those interested in building their own frameworks, and those with little knowledge of web development.

What you will learn in Web Development Secrets 2024 – CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC course:

  • Functions of network panel, performance panel and Audit Lighthouse
  • Critical rendering path
  • Increase coding skills in JavaScript
  • Increasing skills in Full Stack development
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Yudmi
teacher: Clyde Matthew
English language
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 135
Training duration: 8 hours and 28 minutes

Course topics on 1/2024

Web Development Secrets 2024 course prerequisites – CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC

A strong desire to become a full stack web developer
Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be helpful, but not absolutely necessary
Desire to KNOW the full process of how your webpage works behind the scenes
Desire to KNOW how to use DevTools – Performance and Network Panels
A computer is required as you need to code alongside me to learn effectively

Course images

*UPDATED* Web Development Secrets 2024 - CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC

Web Development Secrets 2024 course introduction video – CRP, HTTP, AJAX ETC

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