Download Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 21H2 Build 19044.4170 March 2024

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Windows 10 LTSC (short for Long Term Servicing Channel) Formerly named Windows 10 LTSB (short for Long Term Servicing Branch), it is a version of Windows 10 that, as the name suggests, receives more support than regular versions; The LTSC version receives up to 10 years of Mainstream support for 5 years and Extended support for 5 years; This is while every version of Regular versions of Windows 10 SAC (Semi-Annual Channel) is supported for 18 months, after which it must be upgraded to a newer version.

Also, according to the available evidence, Microsoft is not interested in its regular users using Windows 10 LTSC and updates this version every year; In the case that SAC channel editions are usually published in two editions (that is, Semi-Annual) every year.


The operating system in front of you will not have other similar operating systems in regular updates, and only security updates can be received in this version of the Microsoft operating system. Microsoft company has tried to step into the field of special work by offering this product. Of course, you need to know that this product is very suitable for work such as medicine, payment and banking systems, as well as industrial factories and will bring much better performance. The LTSC version has so far only been released with the Enterprise edition.

By reviewing the Windows 10 LTSC product, we can easily find out that you will see better stability using this product. Also, regarding the updates of this product, as mentioned, you will no longer have Feature Updates with your operating system, and you will only receive security updates, which are usually accompanied by fixes for possible operating system bugs and errors. is you It should also be noted that the product in front of you will not have many useful tools such as Store, Cortana, Microsoft Edge browser and tools such as Calendar, Camera, Clock, Mail, Money, Music, News, OneNote, Sports and Weather.

Features and features of Windows 10 LTSC;

  • Application in special and specialized conditions and work, such as medical systems, banking, etc.
  • Receive special and security updates for 10 years
  • Access to security updates to fix bugs and errors in your operating system
  • Not receiving Feature Updates
  • Removal of useful tools such as Music, News, OneNote, Sports and…
  • Better control of the operating system due to the fact that the desired version of Windows is Enterprise
  • And…

required system

Recommended hardware

– 1 GHz processor (or faster) with PAE, NX and SSE2 support;
– 1 GB (for 32-bit version) or 2 GB (for 64-bit version) RAM;
– 16 GB (for 32-bit version) or 20 GB (for 64-bit version) free hard disk space;
– Graphics card with DirectX 9 support.


Installation guide

After downloading and extracting, there are two ways to install; One is to use software such as Windows PowerISO Or UltraISO Burn to DVD or using software Rufus Copy to flash.

To activate also from the cracks available in Here use.

MSDN versions are the original, official and final version published by Microsoft and are provided without any manipulation even in the file name.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC version 2021 based on version 21H2 of Windows 10 normal – which was published simultaneously with the title of November 2021 Update – was made.


Detailed specifications of the MSDN version:

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 (x86) – DVD (English) Volume

File Name: en-us_windows_10_enterprise_ltsc_2021_x86_dvd_9f4aa95f.iso
MD5: 957700f5a3aa73c6ae9a64cd6bde5790
SHA-1: 3f7f38802043aa55ebe930655ee35be876213e4d
SHA-256: 3276d60fa27f513b411224cd474278a9abe406159ba47776747862c7080292bc

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 (x64) – DVD (English) Volume

File Name: en-us_windows_10_enterprise_ltsc_2021_x64_dvd_d289cf96.iso
MD5: b5a7be560dbd73619945129e52be1b5f
SHA-1: 2fb2897373c4f71b06f4490943b3d564b0f0fd6d
SHA-256: c90a6df8997bf49e56b9673982f3e80745058723a707aef8f22998ae6479597d

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021 (x64) – DVD (English) Volume

File Name: en-us_windows_10_iot_enterprise_ltsc_2021_x64_dvd_257ad90f.iso
MD5: 2463b19beac328290e6a8adcedb7533a
SHA-1: 76c3c10e38307d29fd8b4748522ed144dba35829
SHA-256: a0334f31ea7a3e6932b9ad7206608248f0bd40698bfb8fc65f14fc5e4976c160

download link

Download from Microsoft

Password file(s):


32-bit version: 2.99 GB

64-bit version: 5.95 GB

4.7/5 – (137009 points)

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