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XAMPP is a powerful software that is enriched with third-party programs such as MySQL, PHP and Perl and is used for Apache distribution. This software is used as an auxiliary web server for the design and maintenance of websites. Using XAMPP, web developers can easily test web pages without being connected to the Internet. This program also includes Mercury and the latest version of Tomcat. Using this software you can manage MySQL and SQLite database Pay, or manage a remote controllable host via ftp protocol if needed.

This program is suitable for managing large CMS content systems. The installation steps of the program are very simple and user intervention is only needed when the program asks if you want to install the components of Windows Server or not. Of course, you won’t have to make a decision at the same time. By default, all Windows services are disabled and the user must install the relevant services if needed. Of course, you don’t need to manually activate the relevant service every time, and just change the settings in Service Settings so that the relevant service is activated automatically at system startup.

Features and features of XAMPP software:

  • Regular updates to increase security and various features
  • Easy installation, without the need for occasional user intervention
  • Support for managing mysql and sql lite
  • Suitable for managing large content systems
  • Ability to use offline, for website developers

required system

Windows 2008, 2012, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

(XP or 2003 not supported)


Installation guide

This program is open source and free.

download link

Download XAMPP 8.2.12 x64

Download XAMPP 7.4.12 x64

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