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yFilesNet is an extended Windows Forms class library for the Microsoft environment .NET is. A first-class data structure and algorithm for chart viewing and editing allow you to automatically sort complex charts and networks with the click of a button. This library enables you to create charting applications based on Windows Forms.

Features and facilities of yFilesNet:

  • Easy editing and manipulation of the chart with simple mouse movements
  • Support for zoom, undo/redo, clipboard capabilities, image output and printing
  • Easy adjustment of all functions to suit specific needs
  • Providing a wide range of chart analysis algorithms
  • A set of algorithms designs automatically
  • Routing algorithms to optimize connecting lines in existing graphs
  • Powerful graph viewing component for presenting, creating and editing graphs
  • Support for nested chart structure
  • Support for input and output file formats for charts and image file output format
  • Create interactive organizational tables with data loaded from XML
  • Easy installation and setup, including linking to the demo via the desktop and Start Menu
  • Complete diagram editor with complete source code
  • More than 30 educational demo programs with complete source code
  • Complete features including the algorithm and its observation components
  • Teaching custom styles to easily change the appearance of nodes, edges and labels
  • Support for easy component removal

Graph Editor

  • Add, remove, move and label to create a chart
  • Interact using zoom, pan, undo/redo, copy and paste
  • Load, save and print charts

To view the complete information of yFiles.Net to Here See.

required system

Visual Studio 2008 or higher

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5


Installation guide

After installing, copy the files in the Crack folder to the software installation location and replace them with the existing files.

download link

Download yFiles.NET v5.2.0.2

Download yFiles.WPF v3.2.0.2

Download yFiles.Net

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