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Advanced Excel Bootcamp: Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Advanced Excel Bootcamp course: Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Why learn Excel for business intelligence? Business intelligence, commonly referred to as “BI”, is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand areas in technology. BI is a broad term that includes data mining, data analysis, performance measurement using KPIs (key performance indicators) and descriptive analysis. Meanwhile, Excel is one of the most powerful programs ever created, with an enormous and largely overlooked feature set. Just because Excel is seemingly on everyone’s desktop, That’s not to say that BI tools are pedestrian. Conversely, Excel’s built-in “power” tools – such as Power Query for ETL (extract, transform, load) operations, the Excel data model for managing relational data (such as those stored in relational databases) and the DAX formula language for analysis and advanced data analytics – almost identical to those found in Microsoft’s flagship business intelligence tool, Power BI. And Excel’s extensive suite of charting and visualization tools, long considered one of its most powerful features, can turn the results of any data analysis into compelling and meaningful visual presentations that will wow your colleagues and your boss. Why this Excel BI training course? This course focuses on efficiency. So you don’t have to waste your time with confusing, outdated and incomplete tutorials. Instead, you’ll learn everything from the basics of business intelligence to using the most advanced “power” features that Excel has to offer. All in one course and you’ll learn Excel BI in a fun and supportive environment. Most importantly, you’ll learn from an industry expert who has real-world experience working as a data solutions engineer on massive data sets for some of the largest companies. Here’s a section-by-section breakdown:

1. POWER QUERY – A feature-rich yet easy-to-use tool for extracting, transforming and loading (“ETL” for short) data from almost any source you can imagine into Excel.

2. POWER PIVOT TABLES & THE EXCEL DATA MODEL – You will be introduced to one of our favorite parts of Excel: Power Pivot Tables.

3. DAX Programming Language – Learn my favorite topic from beginner to advanced: DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), a powerful programming language built directly into Excel.

4. Data Visualization – Learn to tell a story with your data using a series of powerful visualization techniques – from conditional formatting to pivot charts – that can turn calculations into insights that can inform real-world decisions. be used for real.

5. Dynamic Dashboards Using Slicers and Timelines – Plus, you’ll learn techniques for creating dynamic dashboards in Excel using Slicers and Timelines to not only filter charts, but actually change the metrics displayed on them. give When is the best time to start? Today! There is never a bad time to learn the skills you need. But the sooner the better. Then start learning Excel for Business Intelligence today by joining ZTM Academy. You’ll have a clear roadmap for developing your project-building skills, recruiting, and career advancement.

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