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Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting


Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting is a project-based training course on scripting with Bash in the shell environment, published by Zero Two Master Academy. Working with the Shell environment and scripting for it is a very important interdisciplinary skill and can be a useful and useful skill for a wide range of different people. This training course covers a variety of topics, the most important of which are command line commands, scripting, and automation. This training course is applicable to a wide range of different engineers including programmers, DevOps engineers, sysadmins and network engineers. In its simplest definition, a script is a set of commands that the command line executes line by line.

In the field of shell scripting, there are many courses and educational resources, but over the years since the release of the first version of shell and its numerous updates, most of these trainings have lost their original quality and are not very useful in the practical world. . Bash scripts can easily automate various processes in the Linux operating system and avoid wasting time while performing repetitive tasks.

What you will learn in Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting course:

  • Variables
  • rings
  • Functions and functions
  • Operators and operators in Bash
  • The real power of the shell environment and scripting for it
  • Automating and creating automation for various tasks, including backup, data recovery, tests and security checklists, etc.
  • Various Linux command line commands
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: You are the master
teacher: Andrei Dumitrescu
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 87
Training duration: 9 hours and 38 minutes

Course topics on 5/2023

4 lectures

Section 01: Intro to Bash Shell Scripting
11 lectures

Section 02: Variables
11 lectures

Section 03: Shell Expansions
15 lectures

Section 04: Shell Operation in Depth
10 lectures

Section 05: Program Flow in Bash
14 lectures

Section 06: Loops in Bash
18 lectures

Section 07: Functions in Bash
5 lectures

Where To Go From Here?
6 lectures

Appendix: Linux Installation Guide
5 lectures

Appendix: Using the VIM Editor
3 lectures

Appendix: Cron, Anacron and Automation
2 lectures

Appendix: Netfilter and Iptables Firewall
16 lectures

Bash Scripting course prerequisites: Learn Shell Scripting

Basic Linux knowledge is required (which you can get in our Linux course, included as part of your ZTM Academy subscription)

A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection

Course images

Bash Scripting: Learn Shell Scripting course introduction video

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