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Dart: The Complete Developer's Guide


Dart: The Complete Developer’s Guide is a complete Dart programming course by a professional Google developer. Dart is a programming language for Flutter, which is a toolbox developed by Google for building native Android, iOS and web applications. Using Dart, you will be able to create Flutter applications that can run on different platforms.

What you will learn in Dart: The Complete Developer’s Guide course:

  • Learn Dart programming, from introductory to advanced topics
  • How to write command line based programs using Dart
  • Fundamental concepts in programming: variables, types, control flow, collections, functions, classes, asynchronous programming and more.
  • How to write clean and effective code with best practices
  • Everything you need to know to understand Flutter, Angular Dart, and Dart.

Course details

Publisher: ZeroToMastery
Instructors: Andrea Bizzotto
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 190
Duration: 10 hours

Course topics:


Dart: The Complete Developer’s Guide
Making the most of this course
Introduction to Dart
Introduction to Dartpad

Dart Basics
Section Intro
The ‘main’ method
Hello world
Variable declaration and initialization
Basic types
Exercise: printing variables
String Concatenation & Interpolation
Exercise: String interpolation
String Escaping
Multi-line strings
Basic String operations: uppercase and lowercase
Initialization vs Assignment
Exercise: Lowercase and uppercase strings
Finding and replacing strings
Conversations between types
Arithmetic operators
Exercise: temperature conversion
Increment & decrement operators
Logical & Relational operators
Ternary conditional operator
Hex format, bitwise & shifting operators
Expressions & statements

Dart type system

Section Intro
Static vs Dynamic Languages
Type inference with ‘var’
The ‘final’ keyword
The ‘const’ keyword
Exercise: ‘var’, ‘final’ and ‘const’
The ‘dynamic’ keyword

Control flow
Section Intro
If/else statements
Exercise: if/else statements
while loops
for loops
Exercise: fizz buzz
‘break’ and ‘continue’
switch statements
Exercise: simple calculator

Project: Building a command line app
Section Intro
Installing the Dart SDK
Installing and configuring VS Code
Project Brief: Rock, Paper & Scissors
Creating a command line app
Pseudocode for the game logic
Getting to use input with stdin from dart:io
Implementing the game loop
Implementing the game logic

Section Intro
Exercise: Sum of the items in a list
List methods
Type annotations with lists
Using ‘var’, ‘final’, ‘const’ with lists
Exercise: Sets
The ‘as’ operator
The ‘null’ value
Iterating on maps
Exercise: Pizza Ordering
Nested Collections
Exercise: Restaurant ratings
Exercise: Shopping List
Copying collections

Project: Data Processing in Dart
Section Intro
Parsing command line arguments
Reading files line by line
Pseudocode for the processing logic
Implementing the processing logic

Dart Null Safety

Introduction to Null Safety
Nullable and non-nullable variables
Flow Analysis: Promotion and Definite Assignment
The assertion operator
The if-null operator
Null safety with type inference
Null safety with collections
The conditional access operator & the billion dollar mistake

Functions: Basics
Section Intro
Introduction to functions
Function arguments
Return values
Exercise: Sum of a list of numbers
Named and positional arguments
Required and default values
Default positional arguments
Exercise: Pizza ordering with functions
Fat arrow notations
The global and local scope
Inner Functions
Global mutable state and functions with side effects

Functions: Advanced
Section Intro
Anonymous functions
Functions as first class objects
Function types
The ‘forEach’ method
The ‘map’ method
‘Iterable’ and ‘toList()’
Code reuse with anonymous functions and generics
The ‘where’ and ‘firstWhere’ methods
Exercise: Implement the ‘where’ function
Exercise: Implement the ‘firstWhere’ function
The ‘reduce’ method
Combining functional operators

Classes: Basics
Section Intro
Introduction to classes
Instance methods
Class constructors and the ‘this’ keyword
Initializer lists and the shorthand syntax
Classes with immutable members
Exercise: Creating a ‘Person’ class
Type safety with classes
‘const’ constructors
Named constructors
Named constructors: temperature example
Getters and setters
Exercise: Restaurant ratings with classes
Static methods and variables
Private variables and methods
Wrap up

Classes: Advanced
Section Intro
VS Code Dart Setup with Null Safety
Introduction to inheritance/subclassing
The ‘super’ constructor
Overriding methods
Abstract classes
Exercise: Area and Perimeter
Interfaces and the difference between ‘implements’ and ‘extends’
The base ‘Object’ class
The ‘toString()’ method
The equality operator and the ‘covariant’ keyword
Exercise: Implement the + and * operators
Overriding ‘hashCode’ and the Equatable package
Using classes with generics
Composition vs inheritance: Flutter widget hierarchy example
Factory constructors and reading JSON data
Exercise: JSON Serialization
Copying objects with ‘copyWith’
The cascade operator

Project: Simple eCommerce
Simple eCommerce store: Overview
Creating the Product, Item, Cart classes
Adding the interactive prompt
Adding items to the cart
Checkout functionality
Project structure and wrap-up

Mixins & Extensions

Section Intro
Creating and using mixins
Mixins: Drawbacks
Extensions with generic type constraints
Exercise: Range extension

Error Handling & Exceptions
Section Intro
Errors vs Exceptions
Exceptions: ‘throw’, ‘try’, ‘catch’, ‘finally’, ‘rethrow’
Exercise: Email validation

Async Programming
Section Intro
Futures, ‘then’, ‘catchError’, ‘whenComplete’
‘async’ and ‘await’
‘Future.value’ and ‘Future.error’
Exercise: Countdown with Futures
Stream generators: ‘async*’ and ‘yield’
Exercise: fizz-buzz with streams
Stream constructors
Stream methods
Single/multiple subscription streams

Weather App
Weather App Overview
Creating the command-line app
Creating a Weather API Client with the Dart http package
Reading the response status code and data
Completing the Weather API Client
Parsing JSON Data
Error Handling and Wrap up
Free Dart / Flutter eBook ($40 value) & Next Steps

Dart: The Complete Developer’s Guide course prerequisites:

A Windows, macOS or Linux machine
Enough free space to install Visual Studio Code and the Dart SDK


Dart: The Complete Developer’s Guide introduction video:

Installation guide

After Extract, view with your favorite Player.

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Quality: 1080p


The 2021/8 version has increased the number of 5 lessons and the duration of 11 minutes compared to 2021/5. Also, the course quality has been increased from 720p to 1080p.

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