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ZTM Fitness: Get Healthier in 4 Weeks


ZTM Fitness: Get Healthier in 4 Weeks is a fitness program training course for programmers and people active in the field of technology, published by Zero Two Masters Academy. Programmers and generally people who work in technology and software development companies spend a lot of time behind their desks and have very little physical activity. Working hours of 12 hours or more, stress and, most importantly, extreme inactivity are among the most important factors that threaten the physical and mental health of this group of society. This training course is actually a comprehensive four-week boot camp that will try to introduce habits for a healthier and more active life into your routine and daily schedule and stabilize them.

Adding exercise to your daily schedule can increase your health and well-being and improve your overall performance and creativity in the workplace. Each of these habits will take a total of 10 minutes of your daily time, and as a result, you will be able to easily add them to your daily schedule.

What you will learn in the ZTM Fitness: Get Healthier in 4 Weeks training course:

  • A 4-week exercise and nutrition program for programmers and technology activists
  • Body weight exercises without the need for expensive gym equipment
  • Improving overall performance and creativity in the workplace with exercise and healthy nutrition
  • Making daily exercise a habit and transferring it to a daily routine
  • Techniques for increasing strength and fitness
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: You are the master
teacher: Kristi Storoschuk And Andrei Neagoie
English language
Education level: introductory
Number of courses: 17
Training duration: 1 hour and 52 minutes

Course topics on 10/2022

4 lectures

6 lectures

10 lectures

Finished the program?
4 lectures

ZTM Fitness: Get Healthier in 4 Weeks course prerequisites

No prerequisites. Just a drive to learn, to be a better human, and succeed through constant improvement

No exercise equipment is necessary. All exercises are designed to be done using bodyweight only, while still allowing you to increase or decrease difficulty as you progress.

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Introduction video of ZTM Fitness course: Get Healthier in 4 Weeks

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