Learn Spring 5, Boot 2, JPA, Thymeleaf, AOP, Web MVC, REST

Learn Spring 5 Boot 2 JPA Thymeleaf AOP Web MVC REST


Learn Spring 5, Boot 2, JPA, Thymeleaf, AOP, Web MVC, REST Java programming course with framework Spring 5 along with other related technologies such as Boot 2, Spring Security, RESTful services, etc. Spring It is definitely the most popular application development framework in the Java ecosystem. The reason for this high popularity is Spring’s ability to develop applications for almost any platform, from web, mobile, and desktop to big data services and applications, as well as simplifying the software development process in Java. Today, more than 90% of all Java projects use Spring, so if you work with Java, you will probably need to master this framework. This course will transform you from a beginner Java developer to a programming expert with the Spring framework.

This framework, along with the Spring Boot module, are professional, modern, very rich and effective tools that make the effort required to build applications like Twitter almost negligible. During this course, you will build a web-based application that is in accordance with the accepted standards and qualities in the software development industry, using Spring. During the construction of this application, you will get acquainted with various topics as well as many techniques and approaches. Spring 5 framework and its main concepts, Spring Boot 2 modules, Spring MVC, Spring Security, RESTFul API web services, Maven, Tymeleaf and Hibernate software, Property configuration, CRUD and Spring Annotations data stores, integration testing, Aspect-oriented programming and PostgreSQL database are among the topics that are taught in this course.

What do you learn:

  • Build, develop and publish a true full-stack web application according to software development industry standards using the Spring framework
  • Mastering professional approaches in development with Spring 5
  • Getting to know Thymeleaf and how Spring evolves with Javascript
  • How to use Spring MVC, CRUD data stores and real databases like PostgreSQL and H2
  • Learning to configure the Property file for integration testing with the live application
  • And …

This training is suitable for people who:

  • People who are looking to gain real experience in software development
  • Beginner Java Developers
  • People who are tired of learning how to build apps like Twitter or todo list apps and are looking to gain a deep mastery of app development.

Specifications of Learn Spring 5, Boot 2, JPA, Thymeleaf, AOP, Web MVC, REST 2020-11:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Lecturer: Imtiaz Ahmad
  • English language
  • Education level: beginner
  • Number of lessons: 69 lessons
  • Duration: 16h 41m



  • Students need to know how to write basic applications in Java
  • Basics of SQL Databases


Learn Spring 5, Boot 2, JPA, Thymeleaf, AOP, Web MVC, REST

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The version of 2021/11 compared to 2020/5 has increased the number of 1 lesson and the duration of 2 minutes. Also, the course quality has been increased from 720p to 1080p.

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