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PyQt5 From AZ is a PyQt5 user interface training course for use in Python. In this course, you will learn how to create a modern graphical user interface in Python that conveys the look and feel of the main operating system, whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux. This course will help you know when and how to use text boxes, comboboxes, file dialogs, date and color pickers, web page renderers, images, and more for state-of-the-art applications with menus, toolbars, and more. and use resizable windows. After you finish designing the GUI, you will learn how to connect this interface to data in SQL databases and allow users to change data and save those changes.

What you will learn in the PyQt5 From AZ course:

  • Basic concepts of PyQt5 for developing GUI applications in Python
  • PyQt5 data types
  • PyQt5 widgets
  • PyQt5 layouts
  • Using Qt Designer to develop user interfaces
  • Database applications using QtSQL
  • Multi-threaded applications using QThread
  • Styling your application using Qt Style Sheets

Course details

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Michael Miller
English language
Education level: Intermediate
Number of courses: 104
Duration: 21 hours and 44 minutes

Course headings

Course prerequisites:

The students should be familiar with Python as a procedural language and as an object-oriented language. I do provide some background on objects in python, but more experience would be beneficial.


PyQt5 From AZ

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